Chapter 543.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Come on, let’s go back.
“It’s almost time to go back.”

At Oniisama’s reminder, our group decided to end the herb harvesting and head back to the place where the warp magic circle was located.
During our time here, a few monsters and snakes appeared in our way, but Hector-sama, our escort, defeated them all or relocated them away, so we were able to collect the herbs without worry.
I felt really sorry for Alicia-sama, who jumped up and screamed every time a snake came out and when I explained that snakes can’t be killed because they can be used as medicine depending on their kind, she nearly fainted.
I couldn’t tell her that snakes are unexpectedly cute when you get used to them, because she would hate me even more if I did…
Hahh, I don’t know what the appropriate distance is between me and Alicia-sama…

We moved near the meeting place by channeling magic power to the warp magic circle, and then we returned the pendants to the staff waiting at the exit. After reporting that we had all returned without missing anyone, we headed to the meeting place, it seemed that the majority of the groups had not yet returned, and the people were sparse.
The senior members of the specialized training department were taking a roll call of the returned students, so we headed there and one of them approached us after noticing us.

“Yo, you were quick. Did you get the necessary volume of herbs you needed? Each of you, please lay them out for me to see.”

After spreading out the medicinal herbs on the designated table, the senior inspected them one by one.

“… Mhm. They all were harvested in good conditions. Especially you… and you, the quantity and quality very good, and your method of harvesting is wonderful. It’s so good, I’d like to purchase them for myself.”

Saying that, they praised Alicia-sama and I for the good condition of the herbs we collected.


In my case, it’s partly because I am used to harvesting, but also because I store them in my inventory under the guise of putting them in a bag, so they’re very fresh.
Mariel-chan is also secretly an Inventory user, but her harvesting method is a bit messy, so she didn’t receive as high an evaluation as she would have liked.
Alicia-sama’s collection pouch seemed to be an item bag that slows down the passage of time, so hers were also very fresh, and the herbs that she neatly arranged were nothing short of magnificent.
Sei had harvested them nicely, but they were a little wilted, so I would really like to see him learn Inventory for future use.
I’ll make a suggestion when I get back to the dorm.
Adry-sama was unable to distinguish herbs from weeds for a while after we started… so the quantity just barely reached the required amount, but he was able to collect them at the last minute, so they were fresh. That being the case, I think we all managed to get a good score.

However, to the relieved Adry-sama, the senior advised, “This amount is really just barely enough, and if you keep making mistakes while crafting magic potions, you will surely run out. It might be better for you to go back tomorrow.” And so it was decided that Adry-sama would accompany the other group tomorrow for additional collection.
He was disappointed, but I hope he will do his best tomorrow because he should be able to do better than today.
… Even if you cry, nether I nor Sei will go with you, okay!
Will you please stop staring at me like a puppy about to be abandoned!?
Please do your best tomorrow on your own!

The teachers split up to bring back the students who had not yet returned, and we were dismissed on the spot, as they could not leave us waiting here in a daze when we returned on time.
This is not unusual for the first timers every year, as many of the students get too enthusiastic about harvesting and do not want to leave.

“It’s their first time harvesting, after all. It can’t be helped that some are thinking about picking just a little more. That’s why experienced upper classmen like us are your guides. Well, there appear to be some upper classmen who get absorbed in the harvesting together with the newbies…”

“Oh my, come to think of it, I did not see you harvesting anything, Oniisama?”

When I asked him that, he smiled softly and winked at me.

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