Chapter 543.2

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Come on, let’s go back.
“I always have the necessary amount secured. All I had to do today was to lead you, I mean, your group and give you some advice.”

As expected of my Oniisama! Too handsome!
Capable men are definitely different.

“… I believe it’s the responsibility of the senior students in charge that they don’t forget basics like that.”

Oniisama’s smile deepened even more when he said that, but I’m sure it was just my imagination that the ambient temperature dropped a little, yes. And that muttering, “It was right of me to push to be in charge of your group.” was also probably just my imagination…!

When we separated from Oniisama at the boys’ dormitory and returned to the special dormitory, the humanoid Kurogane and Mashiro were waiting for me in the hall.

“Cristea, welcome back! Ahh~ how I wish I could have gone with you.”
“You must be tired, My Lord. I have prepared tea for you, so you can all take a rest.”
On the right, Mashiro hugged my arm and on the left, Kurogane took my luggage from me and led me to the lounge, supporting my back and sticking close to me.

“Oh my goodness, the possessiveness of the Sacred Beasts is really annoying, isn’t it?”

Ruby giggled and jumped onto the sofa in the lounge, leaning against Mariel-chan who sat next to him with a relaxed expression on her face.

“I am surprised you guys can afford to monopolize your master so openly in public.”
“You would also be tense about Cristea cheating on you if she were your master, it’s worrying.”

Mashiro-san, I have no intentions of cheating on you… it’s just that I love fluffy things.
Mashiro and others may see that as cheating in their hearts, but I care about Mashiro, Kurogane and Kaguya’s well-being more than anything, so I won’t form any more contracts.
… I won’t, right?

“I won’t let you?”


Eh… did my voice come out just now?

… No, Mariel-chan and the others were a bit perplexed by what these two said.
I hope they weren’t reading my mind there for a second!?

“What you think is clearly written on your face, Cristea.”
“Umu. And because of that, we will put more effort into assisting you.”
“There’s no place for hindrances.”
“Would you two stop with these dangerous remarks already!?”

The worried Mariel-chan looked at the panicked me.

“E, eh!? What’s going on, everyone??”
“Miss Mariel, you know that contracted beasts are very possessive, don’t you? Thus, Miss Cristea, who has multiple contracts, is always subjected to that possessiveness.”

Mariel-chan looked convinced by Sei’s explanation.

“I, I see… so it’s a love triangle kind of thing?”

No, Mariel-chan, that’s a bit different.

“Ufufu, It’s fun to see how jealous beautiful boys can get!”

Ruby was looking on as a spectator, chomping on a carrot stick that was offered as a snack exclusively for him. Gnnu.
Hahh, I guess it’s because I’ve been neglecting them because of the exams for a while now.
I’ll have to make dinner tonight to apologize for making them miss me, and then I’ll have to give them all a good brushing at night…
I was ready to stay up late while enjoying a cup of tea that Miria had brewed for me.

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