Chapter 101

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Now that the matter of contracted beasts is secured…

“Umm, Otousama? I have an earnest request…”
“Eh!? I haven’t said anything yet though!?”

Killing me instantly is cruel of you Papan!

“… To be honest, I’m quite tired from today’s happenings, you know? Don’t increase my worries anymore than this.”

Ugh! To say that while sighing so largely… b, but I’m going to run out of patience soon!

“I’m really sorry for causing you to worry… however, in order to develop a new menu, I have to go to the market no matter what.”

In other words, I want to go to the Bastea Company.

“… N, new!? … N, no, however…”
“Cristea, we can’t reduce the number of guards in the mansion during Prince Ray’s stay.”

Otousama started wavering after hearing about the new menu, but Oniisama talked reason.
Oniisama is far more composed, isn’t he!

“There’s no need to amass guards for my sake.”
“I have explained it before, didn’t I? That walking without guards is dangerous.”
“I will be fine. I can quickly return by warping and I can defeat most opponents with magic!”

Hmph! I replied with vigor to Oniisama and Otousama who were persisting about guards. Hmm, how difficult.


“If it’s about guarding, then I should take on that role.”
“There are no people stronger than me.”

Fufun, Kurogane said with a smug face.

“Well, you could say that, but… even if you are strong, it’s not like we can let a wolf stroll through the town.”

Certainly, no matter how strong Kurogane is, taking such a large wolf to the market would cause a great tumult. That’s why I told you to become a puppy-size… ah, he wouldn’t be able to guard me like that. It would just be a mere walk, huh.

“Fumu, there shouldn’t be a problem in this form.”

Just as I thought that Kurogane was getting distorted, a young man appeared in his place.
Silver hair drizzled with black and masculine features. Tall, thoroughly tempered, a good-looking man in stylish Doristan clothes was standing there.

“Kurogane!? You can turn into a human!?”
“Yeah. At one point, I spent my life in the Royal Capital in this form to kill boredom. I have never been exposed, you know?”

Kurogane answered while grinning.
Kurogane, you did something like that? What was that about being separated from human habitat and the other stuff…

“Sacred Beast in the Royal Capital in a human form!?”

Something like that has happened…!? Otousama and Oniisama were surprised.
It certainly is surprising… I’m surprised too. But, I have no leisure to hesitate. This is my chance to persuade the two who are now discomposured!

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