Chapter 100

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“I have no intentions of sending Cristea to live in that abode of demons surrounded by evil spirits and mountains after all… however, we are talking about you, although you won’t be able to hide it for long, do your utmost best to not get discovered by Prince Raymond, alright?”

Otousama, that remark was rude for both the royal family and myself… but, with this, the repulsive food eating bulled child route seems to have disappeared… hoho.

“Cristea. During this holiday, you must not let Prince Ray know by any means possible, okay? There are summoning and beast contracting classes in the academy so you won’t be able to hide it there, but… I will look for a way.”

Ah, right… I won’t be able to contract a beast during the practical skill examination, won’t I…

“Thank you very much, I will be careful. Otousama, Oniisama.”
“Immediately consult with us if something happens, okay?”
“Well then, Otousama, may I introduce you to the two Sacred Beasts?”
“Ah… yeah, let’s do that.”

I can call them at last~! Sorry for making you wait!

I released the barrier magic and called them.

“Mashiro, Kurogane?”

Kurogane and Mashiro who was on his back immediately appeared, so I erected the barrier once more.

“Good grief, I was tired of waiting, you know?”

Kuwaa… Kurogane yawned as Mashiro climbed down from his back and trotted over.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

I caught Mashiro who jumped at me and held him up.

“Otousama, this is Holy Bear Mashiro and Fenrir Kurogane.”
“Oh, Lord’s father. I’m Kurogane. Best regards.”
“… A, ahh. My daughter is in your care…”

He must be surprised by the difference in appearances he must have imagined. Especially Kurogane’s.
Otousama, it would be troublesome if Kurogane remained in his original appearance, you know?

“They would be too big in their original appearances, so I had them stay in these forms… I may take them to my room, right?”

I stared with the teary eyes pleading mode.

“… You don’t have to ask, they are already your contracted beasts. Do as you like.”

Yay! I can mofu them whenever I please!

“However, they have to stay concealed until His Highness returns. In the meantime, make sure that they are not seen by the servants as well.”

Indeed, walls have ears. Somebody from the royal palace’s personnel could overhear the servants’ gossip.

“I understand. Kurogane, Mashiro, it might be inconvenient for a while but… please, okay?”
“Aye, understood.”
“Got it.”
“… Otousama, may I tell Miria about this?”

If I can’t tell my personal attendant Miria about this, then it would be difficult to let Mashiro and Kurogane stay in my room. Miria is also a mofumofu kindred spirit, so we could do the mofu activities together!

“Right, Miria should be fine. She wouldn’t do anything that would go against your well-being. However, you must properly forbid her from speaking, you hear?”
“Yes! Thank you very much!”

Ufufu, Mashiro and Kurogane have officially become children of our family!

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