Chapter 38

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Here, eat… up?
“~~! Aah… so delicious…”

Waan…! Suzaku-sama ate with a melting face. T, that’s quite erotic, isn’t it…?

“A a thick and rich flavor spreads in my mouth… ahh… what a pleasure… this deep flavor and bitterness go beyond uniting, stopping at a further elevated place… ahh… what a… what a sinful taste…!”

Aan…! … She says with a blushing face… umm, could you keep your comments moderate and eat a bit more moderately, I wonder…?? It’s extremely embarrassing, you know…

As for what Suzaku-sama is eating with such infatuated expression… it’s pudding. Yes. It’s just a pudding.
Suzaku-sama’s character is profound, isn’t it!? Byakko-sama has been overshadowed!?

O-Sei-chan is here so I didn’t want to present the French toast again, so I took out pudding I merely made as a snack, but… i, is this okay, I wonder… it’s made from eggs, you know…? Or so I thought and asked, but she didn’t mind at all. It’s not cannibalism or anything, she said. E, ehh… but, she might oppose oyakodon… so I asked about that, but she said she will come for a lunch next time… i, is that really okay…

“Suzaku… can’t you eat a little more normally?”

O-Sei-chan cautioned with her face bright red. Cute.

“Lord! Can’t you! Understand! This pleasant feeling!? The pleasant feeling spreading through the body the moment you take a mouthful…! Ahh…!”

Suzaku-sama said in agony while hugging herself… err, is she talking about the taste or about my magical power confined in the pudding…??

While the two of us were making troubled reactions, Suzaku-sama’s erotic food reportage stopped.
Just when I felt relieved, tears suddenly started flowing down Suzaku-sama’s eyes. Eh!?

“Wha… what happened!?”

It’s not like some foreign substance has gotten mixed up inside, right!?

“…It’s finished…”
“It’s gone…”

Ah, yes, you have finished eating the pudding, didn’t you? But, you are going to cry about thaaat!? Please don’t look so desperate as if the world was ending!

“… Umm, if you’d like, my share…”
“!! Is that okay!!?”

Here you go, I said while staring into her dazzling eyes. Uu…!

“Y… yeah, I can always make some for myself after all.”

When I presented her with my share of pudding, “I’m truly thankful!” she seized my hands with great vigor. Hii!?

“Is that really okay? I will really take it, you know?!”
“Y, yeah. Help yourself…”

I won’t give it back, you know!? She continued even though she wasn’t willing to part with it at all…
Anyhow, please eat it normally, okay??

“Cristea-sama can make this anytime…?”
“… Suzaku, you aren’t thinking of changing loyalties to Cristea-dono because of that pudding, are you?”

O-Sei-chan gave a warning to Suzaku-sama in a low voice.

“Eh!? You jest! No matter how you look at it… just because of a pudding… because of a pudding…”

No, no, please stop altering your gaze between the pudding and me, okay!? You are a bit, no, considerably scary!!

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