Chapter 39

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I was taught about the contract.
“T, that reminds me, Sei-sama has a contract with Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama… you are incredible for having a contract with several sacred beasts, aren’t you?”

Resuming the eating of pudding while ignoring the intoxicated Suzaku-sama, I brought that subject to O-Sei-chan.

“N? Y, you think so?”

O-Sei-chan got embarrassingly on board.

“I don’t know much about contractors and sacred beasts, but… it’s possible to contract several sacred beasts, huh.”
“Well, having multiple contracts is possible. On the other hand, the supply of magical power becomes greater…”

It appears that contractors have to regularly supply their contracted sacred beasts with their magical power. Not only does magical power maintain the activity of the sacred beasts, it’s also a link that stabilizes the bond with them. Although the supplied magical power is not much, it has to be given regularly… and to have to do that for several sacred beasts… it can be said that the amount of magical power O-Sei-chan has is large.

Nonetheless, sacred beasts originally possess abundant magical power and even though they obtain magical power from their surroundings little by little, they need an even larger supply of it, so they will personally search for those who possess magical power they find comfortable, and when they get close to that person, they will form a contract with them in order to protect them. On top of having a long lifespan, it also seems that there are only a few people they will be comfortable with… they seem to do it for entertainment too though… well, it’s a give-and-take, isn’t it?

Also, not only sacred beasts, there are those who contract magic beasts as well. In such cases, your own magical power becomes the “bait” for the contract, so you might get eaten before the contract is formed if unlucky.
Rather than growing closer, magic beasts apparently choose to lend their power by instinct. That’s why contractors lure the magic beasts with their magical power and form a contract by sheer strength… or perhaps I should say, they form a contract against the beast’s will. However in such case, if the contractors grow old, gets sick or injured, the power relationship will turn on them and they will get eaten instead… Because it’s like that, magic beast contractors are apparently rare. As long as nothing unexpected happens, the contract is basically eat or be eaten…
Scary! Too scary! I can’t help but think of the magic beast contractors as gamblers! There’s no way I could bet with my own life…

Ha~… there seem to be exceptions to the magic beast contracts, but it’s not anything good to do in the first place!

By the way, the sweets and dishes that have my magical power seem to be like delicious snacks for the sacred beasts. The higher the quality of the magical power, the more delicious it is… hey, you are treating my magical power like a snack!

Incidentally, those with a high quality of magical power have a greater chance of forming a contract. Hohou? Will I possibly get a mofumofu myself?? I might??

While receiving such explanation and thinking “just maybe”… I asked O-Sei-chan.

“Umm… does Sei-sama possibly have any other sacred beast contracts besides Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama?”
“… Why, do you think so?”

O-Sei-chan’s expression vanished and her eyes turned scrutinizing. Ah, crap. She went on alert?

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