Chapter 300

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Mariel-sama, you too!?
“Actually, I have also been recently suspecting that Cristea-sama might be a reincarnated person. The recipes and inventions were resembling those from my past life after all. I have received a shock when I ate mayonnaise for the first time.”

Mariel-chan laughed out loud. Shock, huh…

“When did you regain the memories from your past life, Mariel-sama?”

I tried asking reflexively. In my case, it was when I ate Takoyaki (Okpal), but what was the trigger for Mariel-chan?

“You can call me Mariel. Let’s see, I had vague memories of my past life since I was little, so the little me couldn’t understand at all what BL was. I somehow understood that it was something really fun though. I was sure that it’s something I saw and memorized from a dream. However, it was when I ate mayonnaise that I was convinced that those were memories of my past life. I was a mayo-lover after all.”

Unexpectedly, mayonnaise that was one of the recipes I registered was the trigger. You could certainly call that shocking. However, for both of us awaken with food, what kind of gluttons are we…

“As soon as I tasted the mayonnaise, I was like: ‘That’s it! This is exactly what I was eating together with the dishes in those dreams~!’ That’s when something triggered inside me and I quickly understood that all of my dreams were memories of my past life. Although it felt like I processed too much data and ended up with fever.”

I see now. For the details to be this similar. Uwaa… not only mayonnaise recipe caused a boom in this world, it also woke the fujoshi memories of a reincarnated person. How sinful.

“I, is that so… ah, please just call me Cristea, okay?”
“Eh? No, no, it would be bad for a Baron’s daughter like myself to call a Duke’s daughter without honorifics. Wouldn’t I carelessly let it out at some point? That’s why I have to make a habit of addressing you appropriately. In truth, talking to you like this is also not good.”

I have to be careful of my speech in the future, Mariel-chan reflected.

“Ehh~? Won’t it make me look self-important if only I address you without honorifics!? I don’t want that.”
“But, you are important in actuality.”
“My parents are important, not me, you know?”
“Haa… Cristea-sama, you have no self-awareness, I see. Your numerous recipes and inventions and now, the charity. What you are doing at your age is not something that could be done just because you are the Duke’s daughter, you know?”
“Ugh, now that you say it.”

I had no room to object Mariel-chan’s admonishing.

“But, but! As I thought, won’t I seem like a villainess by addressing you like that?”

It would seem as if I was looking down on Mariel-chan. I’d hate that.

“Even if you say that, I would be treated like an idiot for calling someone of an upper status without honorifics, you know?”

Mariel-chan said tiredly.

“Ugh… that’s true too. Then, let’s go with -san.”
“We can make the compromise there. Cristea-san?”
“Yeah, Mariel-san.”

Ahh~ even though I really wanted to call you Mariel-chan.

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