Chapter 12

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Favorite food is kept for the last!
“Fuwaaaa… delishhh…!”

Now! It’s the long-awaited tasting time!
Although I say that, there are no rice bowls in our house. While that may be true, substituting it with a luxurious soup bowl or flat plate and eating with a silver spoon would feel somewhat off…
I have to make rice bowl and chopsticks too.
That being the case, I tried making a simple salt musubi!
Because it was molded by a child’s hands, it turned into a little, small triangular musubi, but it was airy and fluffy. An excellent nigiri.

Already… already… this much of a feast. Thank you very much…!
Haaa… I can’t forbid the tears when I think all the hardships (mainly hardships suffered by Miria) until now…

Shin was also eating silently next to me who was trembling with excitement from indulging in the elegantly-looking salt musubi.

“It’s delicious… and has a nostalgic taste.”

Shin said with an incomprehensible expression between sobbing and laughing.

“Is it eaten in the same way in your Otousama’s birthplace?”

I can’t miss gathering information. I think I should know everything there is about a certain country in the east. A simpler rice polishing method and rice companions surely exist…!

“Ahh… probably. I have eaten Lars only while traveling with parents. When Tousan was cooking… his were too large, so Kaasan molded them like this… it was occasionally too salty, so the two quarreled.”

Shin answered with a sudden smile.
He must have recalled the fun times he spent with his parents.
Uuu… I’m not crying…

“However, you did well getting Lars. Moreover, even the way of making it…”
“Ah! I got this from Thomas Jiisan! I can get it for you anytime you want to eat it!”

That way, I can reproduce the nostalgic taste anytime! Leave it to me! Rice polishing is tough though!


“Thomas Jiisan, you say… the stables guard?”

Shin stared at me with a suspicious gaze.
Ha! Crap… I had a slip of tongue.

“… Ojousama, where. did. you. get. this?”

Shin asked me who averted my gaze with a chilly voice. Glance.

No~! Your smile is frightening…!

“Umm… it’s a secret.”

Trying to deceive Shin with tehepero didn’t work on him. He really is so perceptive it’s troublesome.
Lengthy silence is scary…

“Haa… this doesn’t seem suitable for Ojousama to eat, so I will be confiscating it.”

Saying such, he raised the plate and confiscated it.

“Eh!? No way, wait a moment!! Even though I haven’t eaten the crispy rice at the bottom yet~!!!!”

The plate was raised so high I couldn’t reach it even after jumping. T, the height difference is hateful.
Waah, Shin you meanie~!
I shouldn’t leave the crispy rice for the last just because it’s my favoriteーーー!

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