Chapter 13

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Persuasion into the dark side. Part 1
“Cristea… I’m glad that the reserved you have become so cheerful. But you see… I think you should be more self-conscious about being a Duke’s young lady, you know? That is…”

Again, again… it’s absurd for a noble young lady to eat horse’s feed, both of my parents got to know about the salt musubi matter and are endlessly lecturing me… why did it become like this…

We were found by Miria while I was desperately trying to get it back from Shin → Miria misunderstood that Shin was bullying me and started scolding him → I’m determined to get it back from Shin → Miria who got to know the circumstances joined up with Shin → I try to somehow get it back from the two → the butler who overheard the ruckus reported it to Otousama → Otousama heard the situation and the rice’s source got exposed → Getting lectured by my parents ← Currently here.

Haa… I was found out right away… holy mackerel… I did my best, but I couldn’t get it back… the time of my supreme bliss has been taken away in a blink of time…

Ugh… it’s not foddermon. It’s white ricemon. It’s supreme foodmon.
Such words can’t be said.

Not good… no, White Rice-sama is delicious, but not good. As it is, White Rice-sama will get prohibited. I have to avoid that with my everything!

“Otousama…! It would be wasteful for it to stay as fodder for animals, it’s a wonderful ingredient! Our country recognizes it only as a fodder, but it’s routinely eaten in the Eastern Island country!”

Probably! I have no positive proof yet! But, I’m sure it’s like that!

“… Is that so? However, this was used as horse or livestock feed until now, you know?”

Even though I leaned forward and persuaded without flinching, Otousama argued with It was only used as fodder until now, so it can’t be delicious, right?

“My, I thought Otousama was a wise gentleman, but to get caught in the conventional common sense and shift your attention from the rice’s hidden potential?”

He repeated after me, so this is the critical moment to push.

“Yeah, there’s no mistake that nothing more delicious than this exist in the art of cooking. Instead of enduring a dried-up bread during travels, you would be able to eat delicious food instead, you know…!”
“However, it’s a horse’s feed, you know…?”

Eei, he’s still saying that!

“Evidence is better than debate… alright? Please, try eating this. It has completely cooled down, but it can be eaten deliciously even if cold. Its real worth is plentiful… no, you will understand its deliciousness even if it’s cold!”

Ahh, Crispy Rice-chan… I will surely cook you tasty again, we will surely have another meeting, so please, make Otousama realize your charm…!

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