Chapter 14

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Persuasion into the dark side. Part 2

Otousama who is fixed on the horse’s feed is feeling daunted and doesn’t quite pick up the salt musubi in his hands.
Gununu… since it’s come to this.

“Otousama? That is something I have personally cooked. Are you saying that… you won’t eat a dish filled with your daughter’s love…?”

I’m sad, I slightly cunningly let a tear flow out using water magic.
Secret Technique! Maiden’s persuasion by tears!
Water magic is super convenient!
Men of the world! If you take the tears of girl which were made with water magic seriously, you will get hurt, ya know…? Fufu…

I’m lying. I got caught up in the moment.

“…! Filled with Cristea’s love…! I will have some!”

Otousama hurriedly picked up the salt musubi, prepared himself and ate a mouthful.

“That’s why you are my beloved Otousama! Please, chew it properly, okay? It will increase in sweetness.”

I can’t forget to flatter him.
Now then, Otousama, how is the taste!?

“… Tasty.”

Otousama stared with his eyes wide open, unable to hide his surprise that something that was nearly felt like punishment could taste so good.
Alright, gotcha~!

“What is this… as Cristea said, the more I chew the sweeter it tastes… moreover, this texture… the sticky texture gets lost in softness, the burnt part adds a dense accent and the aroma…”

Otousama unfolds an eloquent food report-like observation.
I have conceded the precious Crispy Rice-chan rice ball. It goes without saying that it was the given report.
… Rather, Otousama, you were such character!? How unexpected…

“… Oh well, it’s excellent as an ingredient in a way like this, but it’s actually not only that.”

Okaasama still remains.
I thought she would be caught up in the vigor and eat together with us, but whether it being her lady pride, it didn’t go well… how formidable.

However, I have a trump card against Okaasama.

“For Okaasama, I have this…”
“…? This is… what might this be?”

I handed over a pouch I was hiding in my pocket.

“Inside this pouch is something called “rice bran” which is a byproduct of making the rice easier to eat. If you wash your face and body with this, your skin will be smooth and silky. In addition, washing tableware, wooden floor, and handrails using this will also make them shinier.”

Right, it’s grannie’s bag of wisdom.

“My skin will be smooth and silky…!?”
“Yeah, smooth and silky, beautiful skin…”

I seriously nod in return to Okaasama who gazed at me with seriousness.

“I see… this will make my skin beautiful…”

It appears that Okaasama has been attracted by the words smooth and silky.

Like this, rice has been introduced to Ellisfeed House’s dining table, everyone’s skin became smooth and silky, and the interior of the mansion got all sparkly. We will spread the rice culture throughout the Doristan Kingdom from our house… maybe. No, I will show you that we will do it!

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