Chapter 11

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It rose! It rose! ◯◯◯ has risen!
I, who has finally gotten out of Shin’s merciless iron claw glared at him while stroking my own head.

“… So, what were you guilty of this time?”

Because I’m Ojousama, Shin loosened his reproachful gaze and inquired after sighing in exhaustion. Mumu, how impolite.

“Mu~… what do you mean by guilty! … Well, whatever. It’s not that much this time, you know? Watch and be surprised, eat and shudder! Right now! Opeeen!!”

The cooking by steam is done, it’s time for the unveiling~!



It’s white rice! White rice has appeared…!
The soft, fluffy rice is…!
The grains of rice are individually standing, you know! This gloss, this fragrance… it’s the best!
It rose! It rose! The rice has risen!
I’m about to cry from being moved!
This sparkly, shining, beautiful visualization, the whole me is crying…!! It feels like that!!! When I think about the struggles and number of hardships I suffered for this white rice…!

Ahh, I can’t endure it anymore… I feel like eating it straight from the pot, but I still have enough reasoning to give up those thoughts. But a bit… just a bit, I want to taste at least a mouthful at once. No, no, it’s the long-awaited white rice. I have to accept it with gratitude.

It’s a real regret that I didn’t consider anything to go with the rice… this is a subject for the next time…
I have to find a delicious companion for the rice. There are many things I want to do, so it will be busy!
The items on my mind’s list of things I want are increasing one after another.
I have to write “Cristea’s to-do list” again.
In addition, I will do the things I want to do and recipes I want to make relying on my past memories and write it down in Japanese. Because it looks like my past life’s memories could convert to money, I will have to be prepared. Yes.

“This is…”

Not paying attention to my White Rice-sama grinning state at all, Shin stiffened after seeing the freshly cooked rice.
Crap, did the fodder got exposed? Shin’s intuition is good after all…

“Umm… err, this is…!”

While panicking and trying to come up with a proper explanation that would explain that this is a fully-fledged food, Shin interrupted me with his mutter.

“This fragrance… Lars…?”
“Eh?… Lars…?”
N? Shin-san yo, do you perhaps know Lars… do you perhaps know rice…?


Surprisingly, Shin has eaten rice… Lars before. He ate it when his Otousama was still alive, so he completely forgot about it because it was a memory of when he was just a small child.
Since they couldn’t obtain rice after drifting to this country, Shin’s Okaasama wasn’t able to make it, so he probably gradually forgot about it.
As I thought, Shin’s Otousama was a person from a country of rice!

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