Chapter 361

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Bastea Company’s Capital branch.

The moment I entered Bastea Company, I was fascinated by the complete change of European atmosphere to the oriental harmony of sun and sea.

“It’s truly wonderful. I have not been paying it attention before, but it has a peculiar beauty to it, doesn’t it?”

Mariel-chan was also captivated by the beauty of Yahatul that resembled our past lives.

“… But, it really is treated as work of art, isn’t it?”

When I looked at the corner display, there was a rice bowl with a flower vase next to it, a soup bowl with accessories in it…
There were Kimono too, but they were plastered on the walls instead of tapestry, and the Obi was used as a centerpiece of a table…
Well, in other words, it’s treated as Japanese items would in a foreign country.
The display is wonderful, so I don’t have anything to say though…

“Hmm, this is the price of imported goods after all. There probably aren’t many people who use foreign goods in their daily lives as you do, Cristea-san.”
“… That may be true.”

When I ordered tableware in the fief before, I was asked “What are you going to do with such large number of tableware?” and when I honestly answered that I will put them to their original use, “Wha…! I, isn’t that waste?” I was asked in shock.

No, this is tableware, right…? Is what I wanted to say that time, but it does not match well with Doristan country’s food, so that reaction might have been the correct one.

“Even I wouldn’t be able to use this every single day. But, I do use chopsticks sometimes. I find eating with spoon or fork quite dull.”
“Indeed. It would be nice if they had disposable chopsticks here too.”


If using simply, chopsticks cut from twigs might be enough. But, chopsticks made by proper craftsmen are needed for more elaborate use.

“Riiight… ugh, buying with my personal expenses will be tough, but I have to buy. Will you choose a pair of cute ones with me?”
“Sure. Chopsticks are… ah, over there it seems.”

We moved to a different corner, and Mariel-chan decided to choose from among chopsticks that felt familiar in her hands.
There were many chopsticks. Not only painted ones, but the wooden ones were polished up. They also came in men – women – children sizes.
Our hands are still small, so using adult chopsticks would be difficult, therefore Mariel-chan chose a few pairs that were comfortable to use for her.
I have heard in the past that the ideal length of chopsticks is 1.5 times the length of thumb + index finger. Therefore, I had Mariel-chan spread her fingers and we looked for a fitting length.
Unfortunately, there weren’t many children-sized chopsticks, so Mariel-chan decided on chopsticks with a scarlet painting.

“Thank you very much, Cristea-san! If it were me, I would opt to buy an adult-sized one.”
“You are welcome. If it’s temporary then using adult-sized ones doesn’t matter that much, but your hand would be under a lot of stress if you have used them daily.”
“Truly, the adult-sized ones were definitely a little too long and tough to use. It was only a little, but it felt somewhat wrong.”

We might be used to using long chopsticks from our past lives, but it’s better to use those which fit our hands.

“Now then, shall we look at the ingredients next?”

I discovered an ingredient corner from the tableware corner, so just when I decided to move there, I heard a voice from behind.

“Young Misses, are you interested in Yahatul goods?”

Eh? A woman’s voice?
When I turned around, there was a beauty with flame-like scarlet hair… wha, Suzaku-sama!?

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