Chapter 399

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It’s finished!
After this and that, Mariel-chan flattened five hotdogs.

“Hafuu… that was yummy. I can’t eat anymore…”

Mariel-chan, who sat back on the sofa while patting her clearly inflated belly ignored the unimpressed stares of Kurogane and Mashiro.

“Mariel, you ate too much.”
“Umu. To eat so much you that can’t move anymore…”
“But… it’s only an inevitable result of meals cooked by Cristea-san, don’t you think? If mountaineer finds a mountain, he would want to climb it right here, right there. It’s in human nature to eat lots if something is delicious.”

No, I don’t really understand that comparison.
I’m glad you found it delicious, though.

“I don’t know what mountaineer is, but I agree that Lord’s food is delicious.”
“Ahaha, thank you, everyone. However, you really ate too much, Mariel-san. What are you going to do if you can’t fit in your uniform anymore?”
“It’s fine. I have proper countermeasures for this, have you forgotten?”
“Ah… right.”

Utilizing her past life’s experience of a cosplayer, she can remodel her uniform in countless ways.
Unlike the decoration remodeling of affluent young noble ladies, she can do things as secretly adjusting the waistline or attaching inner pockets.
Speaking of which, I also had an idea for a waistline adjustment.

“… Even so, there’s a limit to what you can adjust, so be careful, okay?”
“Ugh… b, but I can fix it by myself when the time comes.”
“That’s not the problem here. I won’t give you any meals if your silhouette changes, okay?”
“Ugh, y, yess…”

Giving a proper warning to the stubborn Mariel-chan, I served Ryokucha (green tea) and Youkan (sweet bean jelly).
Seeing the Youkan, Mariel-chan’s mood brightened.

“Eh? Huh? Cristea-san, this is…”

Ignoring Mariel-chan who was bewildered by the obvious difference in the amount of Youkan Kurogane and Mashiro got, I poured the Ryokucha.

“Umm, Cristea-san…”
“N? What is it?”
“I, it’s nothing…”

Mariel-chan mumbled and started eating the thin slice of Youkan.
Now, now. Mariel-chan’s body shape can’t change because of my cooking.

“Right, right. Speaking of uniforms, the tailor is supposed to come by today.”
“Eh, by now? Isn’t that a bit too late? I thought that whatever kind of magical remodeling of the uniform the Ellisfeed family is doing, it would be done super-expressly.”

Certainly, when it comes to the uniform of the daughter of the highest-ranked noble, “I will finish it earlier than any other family’s!” is what’s happening normally…
But, I surely thought that each family had similar thoughts, so I told the tailor to not hurry and do a thorough job…
In this world with no sewing machine, clothes that are custom-tailored are expensive. Rather than making something super-expressly and doing a crude job, I wanted it to be sewn carefully.

Of course, there wouldn’t be any problems to tailor something super-expressly from scratch if something weird that I’m not satisfied with gets delivered, but that’s likely going to cause unnecessary trouble for the craftsmen. I don’t want to run a black company like that.
Besides, there’s still some time before the enrollment, so it wasn’t necessary to hurry too much. Rather, if it was shown to Okaasama too early, she would be like: “Isn’t this too simple, after all…?” and she would have even more ornaments attached, so I thought delivering it at the last moment would be the best.
When I explained that to Mariel-chan, she went: “Ahh…” with the expression of understanding.
Thank you, I am glad there’s someone who understands me…
While Mariel-chan was sympathetic about the devilish uniform remodeling of the nobility, Miria came.

“Cristea-sama, the uniform has been delivered…”
“Oh my, it’s that time already?”
“Ah, sorry for intruding for so long! I will take my leave!”

I stopped Mariel-chan who was trying to leave in a hurry.

“Since you are here, why don’t you take a look at the finished product? I would like you to check whether there are any points of improvement.”
“Eh… but… is that fine with you?”
“Of course! Now then, let’s go.”

I think Okaasama might end up ordering extras here and there if Mariel-chan doesn’t come with me…
I went together with Mariel-chan to the reception room where the tailor Sally was waiting.

“Cristea-sama, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for this long. I think I have made up for the time with the product.”

When Sally showed me what she was so proud of, it was just as I imagined… no, even better than I thought.

“Amazing… what a delicate tailoring this is. Ah, there’s a hidden embroidery in a place like this! This is wonderful!”

Awakening the past life’s cosplayer in her, Mariel-chan observed the fine embroidery in sleeves and cuffs in detail.
Yep, yep. I did not want any golden thread embroidery on my uniform, so I asked them to do them with a similar color.
When I tried it on, it was a very good fit too.

“Whoa… you look gorgeous, Cristea-san! You look elegant and very lovely!”

Mariel-chan raised her voice in admiration after I came out wearing the uniform.


“Yeah… doesn’t it look good on her? What do you say, Sally?”

Oof, Okaasama seemed a bit unsatisfied, but she couldn’t say anything after hearing Mariel-chan’s praise.
As I thought, bringing Mariel-chan along was the right call…!

“Yes, it suits her very well!”

Sally was also satisfied after checking the small details.

“Thank you, I like it very much. Thank you so much for doing a great job like this.”

When I said my words of appreciation, Sally shook her head and bowed deeply.

“I should be the one to be thanking you for letting me have this privilege. Moreover… your waistline adjustment idea was truly wonderful! With that, it won’t be necessary to fix the size over and over again!”

Both Sally and Mariel-chan’s eyes were sparkling.

“Oh, that was her idea. I wanted to wear something this good for a long time, so I made use of her suggestion.”

When I introduced Mariel-chan to her, Sally drew near Mariel-chan with great vigor.

“My…! You came up with that? If possible, would you allow our store to make use of that idea of yours? Of course, we will pay a proper fee!”
“Ehah!? Eh, u, umm… y, yes!”

Mariel-chan seemed to change her mind when it came to business, so she promised to make a detailed arrangement such as deciding on the royalties at a later date.

“Is that so, so you are Baron Mayor-sama’s… I will visit you soon then.”
“Yes, I will be looking forward to it.”

After getting Sally’s promise, Okaasama wished to order a new dress, so we left the reception room.

“Haah… that startled me.”
“Fufu, I am glad for you.”
“Yes, it looks like I managed to make some pocket money in an unexpected place.”

Mariel-chan who smiled “Ufufu.” made a complete merchant face. How manly…

“Haah. The uniform arrived, all that’s left is to wait for the enrollment, huh.”

Yeah, we will be entering the Adelia Academy soon.

“Oh, do we have to settle in the dormitory before that?”

That reminds me. I will be living in the dormitory even before getting used to life in the Capital.

“… The dormitory, huh.”

I’m still wondering about what to do with Kurogane and Mashiro.
Otousama and Oniisama keep telling me that my contracts will get exposed anyway so I shouldn’t keep racking my brains, but… I would prefer if I could keep it secret.

“Haah… I will just have to get used to it, huh.”
“It’s nothing. I was thinking that we will be probably in the academy the next time we meet.”
“Indeed. I am looking forward to the academy life! Then, see you soon. In the academy!”
“Yes, see you soon.”

I saw off Mariel-chan’s carriage and returned to my room.

I am worried about Kurogane and Mashiro’s matter, but I can only trust that Otousama and Oniisama will do something about it.
Oh, please make my school life peaceful…!

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