Chapter 400

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s go to the academy!
“This day has come at last… Cristea, it’s not too late to change your mind, why don’t you go?”
“Dear, don’t hinder your daughter on her day of departure. Besides, it’s a waste of time to commute to school from our house. Now, Cristea. Don’t be late. Norman, please monitor her properly.”

Okaasama calmly rejected Otousama’s proposal while he made a sad expression and seemed like he was about to cry at any moment. Okaasama, isn’t monitoring too cruel…?

“Yes, we will be going now. Now, Cristea, your hand please.”
“Yes, Oniisama. Otousama, Okaasama, I am off.”

Oniisama escorted me onto the carriage. Kurogane and Mashiro boarded the carriage after Oniisama.

“If your school life becomes too painful, you can return home any time!”
“Dear… go now. Pay attention to your health.”

Okaasama urged the carriage to depart while snuggling up to Otousama.

“Haah… she left. It seems like only the other day that Cristea was born… children do grow up fast.”

Otousama sighed as our carriage drove towards the gate.

“Yes, truly… by the way, Dear? It has been a while since we could enjoy time by ourselves, was it only me who was looking forward to it…?”
“… Mu, you’re right. Well then, Anrietta. The flowers in the garden have apparently started blooming, would you like to take a stroll with me?”
“… Yes. Gladly.”

As Otousama took the hand of the bashful Okaasama, I who was observing the couple from the carriage’s window could only sigh while sitting in my seat.
Geez, to think that Otousama had not given up yet.
I sighed lightly.

Adelia Academy is a place where those with magical power gather, it’s a boarding school that does not allow students to live outside the dormitories unless for special exceptions.
Over the next few years, nobles and commoners alike will learn as fellow students.
No matter how much complex Otousama has for his daughter, he once graduated from here so he is well aware of the rules.

“Fufu. Father’s worries are understandable. You just can’t be worried about you, Cristea.”
“Gee, Oniisama. I won’t be a child forever.”

Well, a ten-year-old is still a child, though. That being the case, one is considered an adult at fifteen years of age, so it’s certain that I won’t be a child in five years.
The children of commoners with little magical power start their apprenticeship before becoming adults. Also, the Adelia Academy where I will be enrolling promotes the students into specialized fields when they complete the three years in the elementary department, but some will graduate without any specialized study.

The sons and daughters of the nobility will undergo training to marry, and commoners will find employment.
Manners are trained strictly at Adelia Academy, so the commoner children don’t have to worry about finding a good job after graduation.
On top of that, talented students will go on to the specialized classes to learn in the field they specialize in.
Oniisama and His Highness Raymond have advanced to specialized classes to master magic.


“Haah… still, I wonder if things will be all right? I am having many worries…”
“That well, you will just have to get used to things.”

Oniisama said with a wry smile, but I wanted you to say that things will be fine here!
It’s the truth that I will have to get used to it, though!

“My biggest worries are Mashiro and Kurogane.”
“Yeah, indeed…”

In the end, it will get found out someday, so we had not come up with any countermeasures. I wonder if it’s alright to leave things random like this.

“No problem here. Our human act has already been perfected.”
“That’s right. There’s no way people will be able to recognize us, okay?”

Kurogane and Mashiro have confidence in their own human forms, but that’s not the problem.
They are joining me as my guards today, but they can’t stay at the women’s dormitory in their male forms.
They have been with me every night so far, I wonder if they can endure…
I am also worried that I will be suffering from mofumofu withdrawals…
While I was worrying, the carriage entered the business street with a plaza and the carriage started going in circles.
This is apparently something like a roundabout from my past life.

“Oniisama, there seem to be many carriages stopping over there.”

Many people were getting off and on a carriage in a corner section of the plaza.

“Yeah, that is a carriage stop.”

I see, a bus terminal then?

“Ah, there are children in uniforms too.”
“Those are the commoner students. There’s a carriage stop at the academy, so they must be heading there.”
“Is that so?”

So that those children might be my future classmates and seniors.
While watching the students from the carriage’s window, the carriage was making its way to the academy.

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