Chapter 398

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s make the thing in the bun!
“Ehh~? And so, what happened to the Head Chef?”

Several days later after Head Chef fell flat during the dismantling, I invited Mariel-chan for a cup of tea.

“You see, Shin who noticed him told him to return to the kitchen in a moment, but he refused to budge.”

At that time, after Head Chef witnessed the dismantling scene and fainted, he apparently came back and firmly refused to leave.

“Oh my! Not faltering like that is necessary in order to learn the new recipe!”

… He said as he refused to leave.

“I recognize his guts, but the yelps he let out every time the organs were taken out from the belly were apparently annoying. Well, after most of it was dismantled, it was just meat on the bone he was familiar with, so he started helping timidly.”

Shin sounded fed up when he told me, so he must have been quite troubled.
However, you know, I can’t blame Head Chef as we are on the same level.
Haah, because I appointed him as the assistant, I brought Shin extra struggle. I am truly sorry.
I have to compensate him with something in the near future.

“He was able to help normally when it was just meat on the bone, but he apparently did his best even before that.”
“Ueeh… they are Orc’s internal organs, right? I don’t know about this well enough, but isn’t dealing with something like that more difficult?”
“Indeed. But I told him that it will affect the finished product if it’s not dealt with properly, so he was totally fired up.”

You can’t be careless about cooking if you are serious about it…

“Errm… so? You made it, right?”

Mariel-chan looked at me with puppy eyes while fidgeting.

“Eh? … Y, yeah. Of course, I did. Here, the long-awaited sausage.”
“Yaay, I was waiting for this!”

When I took out the sausage from my Inventory, Mariel-chan’s eyes sparkled with happiness.

“Eating sausages the simple way is good too, but I prepared the buns and other things so you can enjoy it in various ways.”

The buns for the sausages were baked a little and cut beforehand.
Ingredients other than the sausage included fresh leafy veggies such as lettuce, cabbage fried in curry powder, finely chopped onion pickles, etc. Of course, I did not forget about ketchup and mustard.
It was very popular yesterday when I introduced the various ways you could enjoy it depending on the combination to Otousama and Okaasama.
Ah, there’s also mayonnaise for the mayo-lover Mariel-chan.

“Wooow…! Even though I was happy from just being able to eat sausage, but to think I would be able to have a hotdog… I am truly glad I was able to become your friend… Cristea-san.”

Howaaah… I smiled wryly at Mariel-chan who was drooling with happiness on her face. It was worth inviting you over if you are this happy.

“Such exaggeration. Now, eat up?”
“Yes! Itadakimasu!”

Mariel-chan said “Itadakimasu”, but she wasn’t quite reaching for the bun nor the ingredients before her.

“… What’s the matter?”
“Errr, umm, this… what do I do?”


What do you mean by what do I do?”

“No, look, I am bad at cooking.”

Nono. You are just supposed to put the sausage in the bun and place your favorite garnish on top.

“I know that I just place in the bun, but I can see no future when it comes to me and cooking.”

No, wait. It’s no use even if you answer this crisply, okay!?

“I don’t think this could be called cooking, though… you are just placing your favorite garnish on top, no? Every single combination should be tasty. Why don’t you start with something simple then?”
“Eh…… y, yeah… err. First, the sausage, right?”
“Yep, yep.”

Mariel-chan took the bun, and placed the sausage in between.

“Next is…”

With a slight hesitation, Mariel-chan reached her hand towards the curry-fried cabbage.

“Put this in between… err, I can’t stuff it inside, though?”

Mariel-chan looked at me troubledly.

“… With a heap like that, of course you can’t do it… you took too much!”

A mountain of cabbage was protruding from Mariel-chan’s hotdog bun.
No, you couldn’t even say it would be difficult to eat about that, right!?

“Eh, but it looked delicious, so I thought it would be even better if I put lots of it…”
“Take the proper amount! There are appropriate amounts for things!”

I interjected the silly smiling Mariel-chan and adjusted the amount of cabbage for her.

“Err, next one… mayonnaise, I think?”
“About this much… yeah! Looks delicious!”

Before I noticed, Mariel-chan finished her hotdog with curry powder fried cabbage and mayonnaise.
… Yeah. It should be considered a normal combination, so it should go well together… I think it’s fine.

“Itadakimaasu!… Nmu! N~! So delish~!”

I was relieved to see Mariel-chan’s satisfied smile.
… First of all, I decided to make the second one for Mariel-chan based on her requests.
The danger of mixing… the danger of Mariel.

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