Chapter 469.2

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Release me—!
I finished dressing quickly and was heading downstairs to my room’s entrance when I was blocked by a small black shadow.

(I’m not going to allow you to leave me here alone!)
“Oh my, what is the problem, Kaguya?”
(Stop asking about my problems and leave my meal behind!)

Her momentum was like that of a bandit.
The way she tapped the floor with her paws was just cute, and not impactful at all.

“Say, Kaguya, why don’t you leave the room already and eat with us together in the dining hall? Everyone is eating there.”
(Hah? Don’t be silly! Those guys will be there, right? No way in hell!)

Kaguya spat out venomously and turned around with a “Hmph!”
“Those guys” she is talking about are Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama who she fears after their previous encounter, so she has been avoiding them by staying inside my room all this time since she came to the special dormitory.
I’m worried that she’ll get stressed out if she continues like this.
It is difficult for her to go in and out of the room alone because she can’t reach the doorknob in her cat form, and she usually stays with Miria, but I would like if I could call her over by telekinesis when I am around, so I hope she wouldn’t worry about coming in and out of the room…
Besides, it would be a bad idea to not let her meet with Teacher Neil.

“Even so, it will get boring staying in the room forever, no? Come on, let’s go together.”
(Annoying! Come on, just leave the food behind!)

I reached out to pick her up, but Kaguya shouted threateningly.
Good grief, even though she can’t harm me, even if she threatens me.

“How dare you threaten the Lord, you dunce!”

I’m not sure when Kurogane returned to the room, but he abruptly picked up Kaguya from behind.

“Kurogane! What’s the matter?”
“That fellow Neil came over and wanted this and that from the leftover materials. I told him that I cannot give him anything without your approval, but I thought you would find negotiations with him annoying, so I came to you instead.”


Ehh… you really don’t need my permission.

“Hey Cristea, how about we throw this fellow out?”
“No way.”

Mashiro, I want Kaguya to go out for stress relief, but that doesn’t mean throwing her out, okay?

“I was just asking Kaguya to have dinner with us in the dining hall.”
(I TOLD YOU, I don’t want to eat with them! The delicious meal will taste bad with those guys around!)

Oh, so you think the meals I cook are delicious.
I couldn’t help but giggle at Kaguya’s unintentional comment.

(What are you giggling for! I will eat here, so leave the meal behind—!)

Kaguya was protesting, but I’m going to give her a rough treatment.

“Kurogane, don’t let Kaguya escape. Let’s go, everyone.”
(Hah? H, hey, stop right here! I told you to stoo—p!)

I brought the noisily protesting Kaguya to the dining hall.

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