Chapter 469.1

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Release me—!
While the three of us were peacefully studying the language, the door to the lounge suddenly opened and Teacher Neil peeked in.

“… Huh, aren’t you the girl who came over before? Erm… was it Miss Mari?”

Too bad! It’s Mariel-chan.
He called her Marie the last time, so it’s one letter less than before.

“U, umm, my name is Mariel Mayor!”

Mariel-chan quickly stood up and introduced herself.

“Yeah, nice to meet you, once again. But, you will miss dinner if you don’t return to your dormitory soon, you know?”
“Eh… ahh! You are right! I have to go back!”

I was so engrossed in our studies and conversations, it seemed that more time had passed than I expected.

I followed Mariel-chan to the door as she hurriedly packed her things to leave.

“Mariel-san, take this with you.”

I made sure that teacher was not still in the hallway, and whispered to her as I took some dorayaki and cookies out of my inventory and handed them to her.

“T, thank you so much.”

Mariel-chan happily took it with another whisper and quickly stored it in her inventory.
I can’t feed her curry right away, so I hope she’ll at least have a snack to distract her.
From what I have heard, the food in the salon building is the same as what we used to eat right after we entered the special dormitory, so Mariel-chan said with a faraway look, “I want to live in the special dormitory…” that time.
But for the rest of people… especially the commoner students, “even that” is in the normal or even delicious category.
I think it’s just that we are extravagant. In fact, even when Teacher Neil comes home late from work he eats his meals here because the food tastes better, so I keep his meals in the magic box.
I used to have the impression that Teacher Neil was a little unhealthy, but I think he’s slowly starting to look healthier.
As expected, food is important.
I hope for Mariel-chan’s sake that she can have a good meal in the cafeteria of the salon building…

When I returned to the lounge after seeing Mariel-chan off, Teacher Neil had already left.

“Oh my, where did teacher go?”

As I looked around the room, Sei answered while putting away his writing utensils.

“He went out back to watch the dismantling.”
“I see… so he went there for Big Horn Bull. But I was told that they were going to finish dismantling while we were studying, so they should be all done by now, I think?”
“I told him that, but he flew to the dismantling shed to see if he could negotiate for the material.”
“Oh, I see…”

We only need the parts that can be used as food, so we had to get rid of the other internal organs, and the materials that can be used for equipment and magic tools were not of interest to Kurogane and Mashiro, so they are usually sent to the Adventurer’s Guild in our fief.
I don’t need it either, so if Teacher Neil wants it, I don’t mind giving it to him.
I just need the meat.
Of course, we have to make sure to save the meat that is too tough for even Kurogane to eat.

“Let’s move to the dining hall. We have dinner to prepare.”
“Yeah, you better change off your uniform then. You don’t want them to get dirty.”

As Sei pointed out, I remembered that we did not change off our uniforms because Mariel-chan was here.

“Oh my. I will go change quickly.”
“I will be right back, too.”

We quickly headed for our rooms.

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