Chapter 468.2

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What about the studying?
“I’m thinking history and etiquette, too. I’m also a little nervous about language, but I think I can manage that with study and daily conversation.”
“If there’s anything I can teach you, I will help.”
“M, me too!”
“That would be great.”

Hm, both of them seem to have no problem with general education.
I was thinking of taking the role of a teacher, depending on their level of understanding.

“Cristea-san, we will only be learning the basics until we are officially assigned to a class next week. It’s only then that we can start learning in earnest on an individual level.”
“That’s true…”

Basically, Adelia Academy does not hold entrance exams as long as you have magic power.
However, noble families and merchant families who have their children tutored before they enter the school submit a kind of report card to the academy in order to declare how well their child understands the content of the study.

It seems to be a kind of entreaty that says, “My child is capable of doing this and that, so please consider placing them in a higher class!”. However, the academy receives the report card only as a reference and does not take it into consideration.
It’s called a report card for convenience, but it’s just really a letter of endorsement from the home tutor.

There’s no denying the possibility that grades are being falsified through force and bribery by the authority of the parents.
That’s why the academy gives the students an aptitude test as soon as they enter and divides them into classes based on their grades.
If a student is placed in a class that is higher than their ability because of the parents’ vanity, they will just end up failing.
The reason why they don’t test the children before they enter the academy is to protect them from such injustice, and also because some children are from far away, so they can’t come and go to the royal capital as often.
Even if they don’t get good grades, they can still graduate as long as they get the minimum credits.
As for me? I have been working hard since I remembered my previous life, and my tutors have given me the seal of approval as an “excellent student”. Ahem.
There’s no cheating on the report card due to my Father’s pressure… I think. Yeah.

I mean, most of the tutors said that they had “nothing more to teach”, and left the mansion earlier than planned to look for other students to teach.
I even had to take extra lessons with Retia, my manners teacher, because I had been skipping her class since my memory came back, but I still finished it earlier than she had planned. Until my memories of my previous life came back, I had been longing to be in the social world, so I studied diligently.


The person who stayed at the mansion the longest was Teacher Marlen, who was in charge of my magic lessons.
I wanted to know all about magic since I was “awakened” to magic, even though I was supposed to hate it because of my poor control of magic power, so Master Marlen was amused and taught me a lot… It was really hard to listen to those lo~ng lectures each time this happened.
… Therefore, based on the grades and test results from my tutor, I expect to be exempt from most of the classroom lectures.
I will still probably have to take the practical lessons, though.
… Haah, it’s frustrating that the curriculum is not clear until the class placement is decided.

“How about reviewing today’s class, both of you? Or do you want to just do some prep work?”
“… I had some free time, so I skimmed through the textbook during class, but I don’t really need to review anything.”

Mariel-chan, you read through the textbook in your spare time, that’s great… I didn’t even bother with that and just listened to the class in a daze.
I will confirm tomorrow’s lesson later, too.

“I have been having some trouble with the language, so I was wondering if you could help me with that.”
“Oh my, what is it?”
“Erm, there’s this notation…”
“Oh, that’s…”

Mariel-chan and I spent the rest of the day tutoring Sei.

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