Chapter 468.1

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What about the study?
All the Sacred Beasts took care of cleaning up after the meal, so I asked Miria to prepare tea and moved to the lounge with Sei and Mariel-chan.

“Thank you for the meal, Cristea-san. It was very delicious!”
“You are welcome.”

Mariel-chan always eats a lot of my food very enjoyably, so it’s nice to watch her.
But, it is desirable for a noble’s daughter to eat as little as a small bird, no…?
I can’t speak for others either, but you know?

“Erm… so, about the less… class, I guess?”
“Yes. What is it?”

Mariel-chan, who was sitting on the sofa facing me, tilted her head. She’s so cute.

“Yesterday was an exam, and today was our first class, right?… What did you two think of it?”

When I asked her a question, Mariel-chan gave me an “Ah~” look and crossed her arms.

“Hmm… let’s see. If I had to sum it up in one word… EZ?”
“Ah! I, it was easy!”

When Sei reacted to words he never heard before, Mariel-chan corrected herself in a hurry.
Now, now, Mariel-san, yo. A noble young lady shouldn’t be saying things like “EZ” right? I understand you, though.

“As I thought. It was too easy, right?”
“Yeah. Certainly, the math problems were easy. I felt a little disadvantaged when it came to reading and writing language, since I’m not a citizen of Doristan, but it’s not like I didn’t understand anything.”

Sei nodded in agreement.
Sei is from Yahatul, so even his mother language is different to begin with. I think it’s amazing that he can read and write in Doristan.
He’s what they call bilingual in my previous life.
Considering his age, he’s probably one of the smartest.

“Yeah… right.”

Basically, noble children often have private tutors before entering school. They can probably handle simple math problems such as addition and subtraction without difficulty.
If you’re a habitual slacker, though, you may find multiplication and division to be questionably difficult.
According to Mariel-chan, merchant children are often better at math-related problems.
She said that nobles are taught more about social matters such as history and geography, but commoners are sometimes a step ahead in physical skills such as sword fighting and self-defense due to their basic physical abilities. I see.

“I have no problem with general knowledge such as the four rules of arithmetic and language, but in my case, I think I will get stuck with history and etiquette.”

That’s what Mariel-chan said. As for geography, Baron Mayor had taken Mariel-chan all over the country on business, so she was somewhat familiar with it.
How enviable… I stared at the map and tried my best to remember the climate and specialties of each territory.
The history of manners studies was very short after the Mayor family became nobles, so she had to learn the bare minimum. They didn’t hire a tutor because it was a waste of money.
Mariel-chan has the background of having spent time as a member of society in her previous life, so compared to a normal child, I think she can manage either if she works a little harder.

“Don’t worry. If you have any questions about etiquette, I’m here to help.”

Fufu… I was educated by the famous Spartan, Teacher Retia, after all. Ufufufufu…

“Whoah, thank yo… u? I’ve got the chills for some reason.”
“Oh my, I hope it’s not the sign of catching a cold. Miria, please make some more tea.”

Mariel-chan was shivering, so I hurried Miria to prepare more warm tea.

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