Chapter 470.1

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Kaguya’s agony.
(Leeeeet goooo of meeee!)

Ginyaaaaaah! As we headed downstairs while dragging Kaguya down with us, Teacher Neil was waiting for us in the hall at the bottom of the stairs.

“Ah! I have been waiting for you, Miss Cristea! I wanted to talk to you about the Bighorn Bull materials with you… huh? What’s up with the black cat? Is that a meal for the Sacred Beasts?”
(Whaa!? Why is this guy treating me as feed for these fellows! What a rude guy!)
“Seriously. On top of being inedible, I’m sure she eating you would make no difference for my empty stomach.”
“Yeah. Kaguya surely doesn’t taste good, so I don’t want to eat her. I’m fine with Cristea’s food.”
(You guys are also pretty rude! You…! Fugyaa!?)

The moment Kaguya got angered at Kurogane and Mashiro and showed her claws, the magic tool collar around her neck activated and sucked up her magic power.

(Funyaa… this is too much.)

Kaguya was so exhausted that her limbs slumped as Kurogane grabbed her by the neck.
Kaguya knew that if she attacked him, she would lose her magic power, but she never learns.
It could be said that she deserved it since she tried to attack, but this time it was Kurogane and Mashiro’s fault for provoking her.
I made up my mind to forbid the two of them to have another dinner today, and I touched Kaguya, who was on the verge of running out of magic, and imagined that I was pouring my magic power into her.
A little while later, I was relieved to see that she had managed to recover.

“Nn? This collar is a magic power suppressing magic tool… right? There wouldn’t be a need for a normal cat to wear it… is it!?”

Teacher Neil who noticed that Kaguya’s collar was a magic tool observed her fixedly, and then looked at me when he had a sudden realization.

“Erm, umm, this child… is called Kaguya, and she’s a Magic Beast contracted to me. This girl was coped up in my room all this time, so I’m sorry for introducing her to you this late…”
“You are also contracted with this Magic Beast!?”

Before finishing my apology, Teacher Neil asked in a cryptic tone.


“Y, yeah.”
“Using a collar with magic power suppression, and her current state… it means that she has much more magic power in her original form than this, right? And this appearance…”

Teacher Neil stared at Kaguya and muttered to himself.
Ah, this is bad.

(H, hey! What’s up with this guy!?)

He was staring at her with blazing eyes, and Kaguya, feeling uncomfortable, looked at me as if asking for help.
I’m sorry, Kaguya, I don’t think I can stop Teacher Neil in this condition…

“Oh my, what a lovely black kitty.”
“Ah, Suzaku-sama.”

Suzaku-sama appeared from behind Kurogane, stretched her arms and pulled Kaguya towards herself.

“Is this Cristea-sama’s kity? Oh myy, what an obedient child. Say Cristea-sama, could I borrow this child for a little? Oh my… Teacher Neil. Didn’t you want to talk about the materials with Cristea-sama?”

Suzaku-sama smiled with Kaguya in her arms.
Kaguya hasn’t spoken a single word and her head was shaking from side to side, but it seems that Suzaku-sama was holding her firmly enough, so she couldn’t escape…

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