Chapter 470.2

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Kaguya’s agony.
“I understand. Please return with her in time for dinner. Kaguya, be a good girl and listen to Suzaku-sama, okay?”
“Of course. Come on, Kaguya-chan, let’s go to our room.”

We watched as Suzaku-sama walked off to Sei’s room with Kaguya in her arms in a good mood.

(You traitooooor—!)

Sorry Kaguya.
But it’s a good opportunity, you should get used to Suzaku-sama a little… she will probably be playing dress-up from now until dinner time. Hang in there, Kaguya!

“Oh… what a pity. I wish I could have observed more. Miss Cristea, do you mind if I try to take off that collar later? If I take it off, she will return to her original form, right?”

Teacher Neil looked on as Suzaku-sama left regretfully, then looked at me as if he had regained his composure.
Oh no, Kaguya has disappeared, and his attention has been directed at me…!

“Y, you can’t! Her magic power is being restricted because she attacked people.”
“Eh, why are you rendering her powerless when you went through the trouble of forming a contract with her? Aren’t you wasting combat potential?”

I tried to avoid answering, but he continued with his persistent questioning, so I had to briefly explain how we caught her attacking me for my magic power and made a deal with her.

“A Magic Beast in the form of a big black cat… she’s either Nightwalk Leopard or Noir Panther, I guess? Even though she was lacking in magic power, I’m surprised you were able to catch that agile monster. It must have been difficult to capture her alive even for Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama.”

I can’t tell you how I was able to supress her with catnip when she was pinned down, then transfer aphrodisiac mushrooms that I happened to be collecting into her mouth and capture her when she was exhausted.
I don’t think he would understand even if I explained it in detail.
For the sake of Kaguya’s honor, I think we should keep this quiet.

“Well, I will not remove it if you don’t allow it, Miss Cristea. That’s not much different from a normal black cat when she’s like that, so it’s boring to observe…”

Teacher Neil seemed… to be thinking about something. T, that was dangerous… Kaguya nearly became the target of Teacher Neil’s study.

“Oh, can I ask you a few questions about the magic collar? It seems capable of neutralizing magic power very well, and it seems to have many other applications.”
“I have heard that it’s a magic tool made by Teacher Marlen that my Father commissioned from him for me because I originally had a lot of magic power. I can’t give you an explanation about it, so you will have to ask Teacher Marlen for details.”
“Te, Teacher Marlen… come to think of it, I may have heard something about this before… no, err, yeah. Well, I will ask him if an opportunity arises… haha. Ah, right, about the materials…”

Teacher Neil suddenly toned down.
It seems that he was lectured in the principal’s office the other day, and he doesn’t want to approach Teacher Marlen too much.
I deliberately asked, “Would you like me to tell Teacher Marlen that you have a question for him?” and he refused with quite the vigor. Just how much is he scared of him?
To change the subject, he started to negotiate about the material of the Bighorn Bull, so we all moved to the cafeteria to prepare for dinner in the meanwhile.

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