Chapter 471.1

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Let’s make it together!
We moved to the dining hall and began to prepare dinner.
Teacher Neil was insistent that he was fine with anything but the meat, so I promised to give him the head, including the big horn that gave the animal its name, the Bighorn Bull, and he happily headed for the dismantling shed. Good grief.

“Alright, we are making hamburg steak today! Kurogane, mince this meat… erm, use a knife to cut it into small pieces like this…”
“Right away.”

When I demonstrated to him how to mince the Bighorn Bull from the meat on the bone and the scraps of Orc meat into a coarse mince by nothing but two knives, Kurogane minced it all with unbelievable speed.

“T… thank you. Erm… Byakko-sama, could you grate this bread into flour?”
“Ou, leave it to me!”

Byakko-sama also made bread crumbs in no time.
I will pretend that I didn’t see him almost grate his fingers and try to cover it up in a fit of panic…

“Now I need amber onions I have stocked up in my inventory…”

While I was living in our fief, I have been having the cooks make it for me when they are free, and I have it bottled and stocked. It’s so useful for so many things, after all.
By the way, I have asked all the Sacred Beasts whether they are fine with onions, but it seems that onions don’t have any particular effect on Sacred Beasts and Magic Beasts that can take on human form.
Also, I was thinking of making it without breadcrumbs, but I wanted to get rid off the hard bread that was brought in with the ingredients provided, and more importantly, everyone eats well… So, I decided to use it to add bulk to it.
In addition to the ground mince, breadcrumbs, and amber onions, I prepared milk, eggs, salt, pepper, and nutmeg.
I added some milk to the breadcrumbs and let it soften a little…

“Mashiro, could you please use the ice magic to cool your hands a little while you mix the meat? Don’t over-knead it and be careful not to freeze it, though.”
“Yes! Leave it to me!”

I handed Mashiro a bowl of ground minced meat with salt, and he began to knead it with a thin layer of cold air on his hands. Yeah, he’s doing it well.
Once the salt was mixed in and the mixture was sticky, I add the breadcrumbs, egg, pepper, and nutmeg to hold it together.
Be careful not to overmix or the heat from your hands will cause the meat to be drippy.

“Yeah, that’s about right. Then mold it like this…”

I also activated my ice magic and put cold air in my palms and picked up the mixture.
After shaping it into a small oval shape, I lightly flattened it and threw between the palms of my hands to remove the air.
Mashiro saw how I did it and helped me shape it, copying me.
I put cheese in half of them. Fufufu.
Once the molding was done, it was time to grill.
I cleaned my hands with clear magic and called out to Sei.

“Do you want to try grilling it?”
“… I will give it a try.”

I heated a frying pan and heated up the Bighorn Bull lard.
I placed the patties in the pan and make indentations in the middle.
First, I got the surface browned on a medium heat, and then I cooked them over low heat until they were cooked through, while being careful not to burn them.
Finally, I turned off the heat, covered the pan with a lid, and let them steam until done.
Finally, I stored the patties in my inventory one after another, starting with the ones that were done grilling first.
I want them to be eaten fresh and hot, and I also want to prevent the Sacred Beasts around me from snacking on them.
As I watched Sei nervously grilling next to me, I made some side dishes such as glazed carrots and potato fries.
I should also add some sauerkraut that I have stocked in my inventory.
I also have both rice and bread for people to choose from.
For the soup, if I had time, I would like to make oxtail soup too, but I have made an onion soup with amber onions to finish it!

“Alright, let’s eat!”

I wanted to serve the hamburg steak hot, so I put one simple one and one cheese-in on each plate, along with the garnish.
I put the sauerkraut on a platter and asked others to get it themselves if they wanted it.

“Yum! The juices are overflowing in my mouth!”
“Umu. The balance between the Bighorn Bull and Orc is so good… this is delicious.”
“Cristea, the hamburg I kneaded is so delish! Ah, this one has cheese in it!”
“… I’m glad. It’s cooked all the way through.”

I’m glad to see that everyone who helped out was very happy.
Speaking of which, I was just thinking about Suzaku-sama and Kaguya… when they came to the dining room.
It’s not my imagination that Kaguya looked limp in the arms of the satisfied smiling Suzaku-sama… right?
I quietly put some of her favorite food, okaka, on the rice to reward her.

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