Chapter 346

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Idle talk – Pure white cake.
“Ahh, I want to eat a cake…!”

When I muttered so quietly, the pure white Mashiro on top of my lap looked up at me and tilted his head.

“Yeah. A fluffy, pure white cake.”

Speaking of cakes, I normally make ones on the level of a tart. I generally love Wagashi, so I thought I would be fine with just that. However, since it will be a New Year soon, I recalled the cake I ate at Christmas in my past life.
A fluffy sponge shortcake decorated with plenty of red strawberries.
Knowing how delicious it was, I asked to “Leave some for Santa too.” didn’t I…

“Pure white? Is my name a cake? Is it tasty?”
“Mashiro, it’s something Lord wants to eat. It certainly must be delicious.”

Kurogane answered Mashiro as if his question was a foolish one.
I, I would be troubled if you raise the hurdle so much though…
But yeah, I would like to make a pure white, decorated cake.
Although I say that, I don’t have a baking powder for a sponge cake… can I substitute baking soda? I have to search. I was thinking of meringue chiffon cake too, but I don’t have a form to make the hole in the middle. Without that shape, it would collapse under the weight of the dough… should I have Galvano Ojisama make it for me? Let’s give up this time.
Meringue… ah, right. What about Pavlova?
A cake with crispy outside with a mellow meringue inside. It’s not a sponge cake, but won’t I be able to feel the Christmas mood with that at least a little?

“Alright, let’s give it a try!”

Deciding that, I made my way to the kitchen.

“Haah… so tired.”

That was right. Compared to my past life, whipping eggs takes a whisk and human power.
Ahh, how I miss my beloved electric mixer… I whisked the eggs while lamenting such.

“I was thinking what were you doing now. Isn’t it just whisking the eggs? Can’t be helped, give it to me. I will do it for you.”
“T, thank you…”

Shin who was cleaning up the kitchen was unable to watch me continue fighting with the large bowl and offered assistance. So thankful…
We made the meringue while whisking the eggs and adding sugar little by little. I added a corn starch-like flour and squeezed in a juice from lemon-like instead of the vinegar, which I had Shin mix in.
I spread the meringue into a circular shape on a baking tray and baked it in a preheated oven.
Ah right, Christmas cake needs to be prettified with fresh cream! I asked Shin for the last time and had him whip fresh cream. Shin was already used to it too, so he was done in no time.
Shin has grown into an admirable chef… when I praised him “As expected of you” in admiration, Shin replied with “Being taken care of Ojou, being able to do this much is only given. Rather, there’s no other choice.” Incomprehensible.
But looking carefully, Shin’s ears were slightly red. Gee, if you are happy then don’t spit out abusive language and obediently get happy. Seriously!

Watching the state of the oven, I opened the lid at the appropriate time and decorated the cake after letting it cool down.
I stuck on the fresh cream. It was bumpy because the surface was different from a sponge cake.
After that, I decorated it with berries and peppermint I found during my strolls and it was complete!
Yeah, it looks a bit unshapely, but doesn’t it look quite good?

I thought of eating it in my room, but thinking that I need to treat Shin who helped me, I called Miria over to make us tea and we ate it together in the kitchen.

“Cristea, is this the cake with my name~?”


Mashiro who turned into his human form started at the Pavlova with sparkly eyes.

“Look here, I did not say it’s called Mashiro (pure white), but a pure white cake… this is called Pavlova.”
“I see… but it certainly is a pure white cake, isn’t it!”
“Indeed. It’s a pure white fresh cream cake. Thinking about it, it could be called Mashiro cake after all.”
“Hee. Say, can I eat it already?”

The joyful Mashiro couldn’t keep waiting anymore.

“Yes, let’s eat.”

I cut the Pavlova and distributed it to everybody. I also gave the biggest red berry on the cake to Mashiro.
The Pavlova with the crispy outside and mellow inside was to everyone’s liking.
Whisking it was tough, but if they liked it this much then it might be worth making it another time.
… With Shin’s help.

The next day at breakfast. Otousama’s mood seemed to be bad. Huh……? Did something happen?
Okaasama also seems to be somewhat sulky…?

“Y, yes?”
“I heard you made some new sweets yesterday?”
“Eh?… Ah, yes, well…”

… He’s talking about the Pavlova, right?

“Why are you not taking it out?”
“Eh? Even if you ask me why…”

I made it just on a whim. I didn’t plan on making it the new thing or anything. Besides, making the meringue was really troublesome, so I didn’t want to make more…

“The Head Chef was boa… no, praising it that it had a texture he has never tasted before?”
“… Ehh?”

Head Chef… I couldn’t endure his stare of greed so I shared with him, but to boast about it… even though he knows what it means for Otousama to hear about it!

“I will be expecting it at today’s tea time, alright?”
“… Yes.”
“Cristea, I am also looking forward to it, okay?”
“… Yeah.”

I, who was pressured by the smiles of Otousama and Okaasama decided to make use of the machine called the Head Chef.

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