Chapter 347

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Preparations are necessary.
Because the decision regarding going to the Capital has been made, I was pressed for the preparations until the departure.
I gave a list of smoked foods I’d like to have smoked to the workers of the smoked food workshop, I handed over recipes using the smoked food to the Head Chef, and arranged a menu the Guild’s bar could use with a little bit of guidance. Although selling them normally would be fine too, it has added value of having Otousama’s name attached to it, so the menu with the“Certificate of a Ducal Household’s Head Chef” will be apparently a staple of the Adventurer’s Guild in our fief… although I still think it would sell normally too.
In addition to that, emergency food, emergency food, emergency food… because it doesn’t look like I will be able to cook in the academy, I made sweets and dishes for the time of need. I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to supply Sei and others after all.

“Cristea-sama, don’t spend all the time in the kitchen, you need to select the baggage you will be taking with you to the Capital…”

While enjoying tea during a break in my room, Miria who seemed troubled told me such.
As for me, I had all the necessary things already stored in my Inventory, so I haven’t been worried about that at all.

“I have the Inventory anyway, can’t I just take whatever?”
“There are things prepared in the Capital’s mansion to a certain extent, so if you returned here for business or during the holidays and nothing would be here, you would be troubled, no?”

Miria replied to my words as if she already gave up. Hmm, that’s certainly true. I thought that I might just take everything with me, but not having anything here when returning would feel lonesome.

“I got it. I will do it later.”
“I have gathered some essentials just in case, so it would be good if you have confirmed them and instructed to prepare other necessaries.”

Ohh… as expected of Miria, I am so glad she’s my capable personal maid! Selecting Miria who is greatly familiar with me wasn’t a mistake. However, yes, I should go to confirm.
Thinking such, I went to confirm what Miria prepared and yes, it was perfect.

“Thank you, Miria.”
“No, this much is my job… However, in Cristea-sama’s case, I don’t know which things are necessary.”

Nn? What did she mean by that?

“Ingredients, dishes and tools concerning cooking are not things young ladies need, so it’s difficult for me to ascertain…”

A, ahh, so it’s that. Well, certainly. That would be difficult for Miria to prepare.
If I had to say then that would be the territory of the chef Shin.

“Regarding that, you don’t have to worry about it. I will make sure to store whatever I need into the Inventory just before the departure.”
“… You are properly prepared when it comes to food, huh.”

… Not good, Miria’s smile is scary. I can see a dark aura behind her…. hii!

“Cristea-sama, you have to have a little more conscious about your status as the daughter of a Duke. In the first place, there won’t be a need for you to cook while at the academy, no?”

Nono. This concerns Otousama, so I have no doubts he will make me cook him something when I return to the Capital’s mansion. Besides, there will be always situations where I will need to cook.
When I objected with such, Miria was amazed and said: “There’s no way a setting where a Duke’s daughter has to cook would exist.”
… Is that so? I don’t know how the meals at the academy are and there probably won’t be any Japanese cuisine, so I keep stockpiling them, but there are always unforeseen circumstances… the pleading faces of Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama come to mind.

“Well, nothing might be impossible for Cristea-sama, but I would like you to keep your status in your mind, okay?”

Miria warned me with a sigh. Hearing that nothing is impossible for me is hard to swallow, but I was forced to nod that I understand.

“… Yeees. I heed you.”
“Truly, please be careful, okay? Academy is not an all-fun place, you know?
“Ugh… yes, I will pay attention.”

Miria is strict, but I understand that she’s worrying about me, so I obediently nodded.
Seriously, things like social status are troublesome. Even though I am going to a place in which I am supposed to study without paying attention to social status.
The outside world is unknown place to me who lived as a shut-in in our fief… while feeling a bit depressed, I was waiting for the day of departure.

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