Chapter 345

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Do I have to dress up?
With my enthusiasm (?) and Okaasama’s persuasion, we decided to hasten my moving to the Capital. However, since I needed to select my personal servants to go with me and there’s a lot of baggage, there’s still some time before the departure as things need to be prepared.
Miria knows me the best and she is used to the Sacred Beasts Mashiro and Kurogane, so she is naturally my first choice. As for Shin… he would be apparently in charge of collecting my new recipes and periodically having them sent back to the fief’s mansion. The Head Chef is fortunately… no, unfortunately not going. No, what a bad luck, how disappointing. It really is unfortunate, but I would like him to do his best in the fief.
… Haah. I thought Head Chef already agreed to stay behind, but it seems that he has not given up just yet… thinking how I will get followed around by Head Chef when I return to the fief during the long holidays makes me want to sweat…

“Nevertheless, I am worried about the matter with the uniform… why did not Okaasama tell me anything about this after we returned from the Capital?”

I talked to myself while relaxing on the sofa in my room.
It’s Okaasama I am talking about, so she definitely kept silent on purpose. After I recovered the memories of my past life, I tend to choose convenience rather than splendor, so I heard from Miria that Okaasama complained that she doesn’t have any enjoyment of dressing me up.
I had plain appearances in my past life, so I wasn’t suited for dressing up… thus, I wore only simple clothes. Nonetheless, I might have reincarnated into a young girl with relatively cute appearances, but I can’t help but feel somewhat embarrassed when I dress up gaudily…
Besides, I am not good with clothes with frills and laces.
Ah, of course, it’s not like I hate being dressed up, you know? Wonderful dresses and cute hairstyles raise my mood.
… As long as corset didn’t exist, that is. Yes.

“I don’t think you remember, Cristea-sama, but Madam did say that she was going to meet up with a dressmaker during the stay in Capital.”

The words of Miria who poured me black tea brought me back to reality.

“Eh! Is that so!?”
“Yes, If I am not mistaken, you had your mind full of the constricting corset, so you might have not noticed…”

… Y, you cursed corset. Are you telling me that something so important happened while I was fighting with him?

“Even though it’s a uniform I will be wearing, to not ask about my thoughts, don’t you find it cruel?”

When I sulked while drinking the black tea Miria poured me, she replied with a wry smile.

“Truly… However, Cristea-sama. You might not appreciate ornaments that much, but it’s necessary to some extent…”

Eh? The customization!?
Seeing me not understand, Miria continued explaining.

“The academy is printed with the ideology of equality, but it’s a place where children who still lack experience gather, so there are people who toss around their status.”

Well, certainly. The commoners are mixed among the students, so there naturally would be noble children who look down upon them. There’s also a difference between high and low nobles.

“Therefore, the reduce the friction to a certain degree, the academy has tacitly allowed the nobles to wear gorgeous ornaments for simpler identification, simply out of convenience.”

… In short, it’s like attaching a bell to a cat? Understanding that a certain child is from the nobility because they are wearing an expensive-looking uniform? To avoid being discourteous? In fact, isn’t this measure more for commoners rather than the nobles?

“… But, the nobility and the commoners won’t be able to get closer like that, no?”
“In the first place, the young master and young ladies don’t have many thoughts of getting along with anyone that is of a lower rank than them, much less the commoners…”
“That can’t be…”
“That’s why I believe that showing off a bit is necessary.”

Miria smiled lonelily. Miria is from a low-ranked household as well, so she might have bad memories brought by her status. I have a recollection of hearing that Miria who doesn’t have any magical power completed the elementary course at the academy and became a maid in our household after learning manners…
“Cristea-sama, you are a young lady of the Ellisfeed household that has an especially high position even among the nobility. If you don’t dress appropriately, your surroundings won’t be able to agree.”

Are you saying that I have to be gaudier than everyone else?
That can’t be~ that can’t be true~… What if no one is going to approach me because of that? “My status is too high for you, could you please not approach me?” What if I rub people like that? Far from making a hundred friends, won’t I be a loner for sure? No, there’s Mariel-chan, so I won’t be alone… probably.

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