Chapter 28

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Adorable Doll-sa… n?
“… Sorry to show you something so unsightly. You desire seasonings and provisions from Yahatul?”

Instead of the cold glare she directed at the giant of a man, Ichima-san (temporary) asked with a smile. S… scary. Giant-san has stiffened… there’s a saying that a beauty’s anger is scary, but it adapted to Japanese-style beauty too! Hii!

“… Y, yes…”
“That is excellent. Look, there are the goods that have arrived from Yahatul just the other day.”

While saying such, Ichima-san (temporary) pointed at a pile of barrels and wooden boxes.

“Inside this barrel is something called miso, it’s a soup… stock, that can be used to create various dishes. After that, there’s…”

Miso…? Mimimimiso!? What did you say just now!? Not believing my ears, I had the contents of the barrel shown to me.

“It… it’s misooo…!”

At last… it appeared at last!! O’miso-sama!! To find you this easily…! As I thought, Yahatul is similar…! Crap, I might start crying…!

“!? What’s the matter? You, do you feel ill?”

It’s nothing!! I say to Ichima-san (temporary) who looked at me with a startle. Restraining my tears, I looked at the other goods.

I was shown many things, but miso, soy sauce, konbu… there were many. I thought whether they would be called differently, but they were mostly the same. What was surprising… is that Ulong’s true name is actually Udon. This is what I think, but Shin’s Okaasama must have called it Ulon since he was young, so isn’t it why he calls it like that? I didn’t fail to notice Shin’s face turning a bit red after he heard it. Uhihi. I have to make fun of him later.

This load is what they must have been talking about before. Since there was no problem with the taste after sampling it (far from that, it tasted like hope!), so we negotiated and bought as much as we could and we got a discount in return. What a stroke of luck~!

Ichima-san (temporary) and others seemed to be startled by our knowledge of Yahatul ingredients. Well, that’s only natural… it’s full of mysteries for our country’s chefs after all.

When I revealed that I’m Ellisfeed House’s young lady during the negotiations, the owner-like person “Ah, the rumored…” muttered in consent. What kind of rumors!?

Now then, using Bastea Company as an intermediary, I’m going to request a deal from Otousama! Using the soy sauce and miso I have just obtained, winning over Otousama with onigiri and pork (orc) miso soup, will be a done deal. Fufufu.
… Otousama will surely think it’s eastern cuisine~…

Unfortunately, it seems that they didn’t bring katsuobushi… well, their utilization is hard to understand after all… they also look like a dry wood… Ingredient with tools like that definitely seem like a trap. While I was feeling downhearted, they said they will bring katsuobushi and a shaver with them next time. Alright!
… But, because they naturally travel by ship, it will take at least three months until they arrive… aaaah… I’m already tired of wai~ting!!

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