Chapter 27

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I have arrived at the store!
Relying on Shin’s memory, I have decided to visit the company which handles the goods from Yahatul.

For the time being, I have handed over the spices at hand and other large baggage to the nearby guard person. Sorry for the bother…
Although the Inventory seems convenient, it’s not, isn’t it…


“Bastea Company… is this it?”

I confirm with Shin while looking at the small, but cozy-looking building.

“Yeah, this place should sell goods from Yahatul if I remember correctly.”
“I see! Then, let’s enter at once!”

The moment I said so in a cheerful voice, a loud voice came from inside.

“! That’s not what you said! Even though my workload increased because of your unreasonable request!”

… Uh, ohh…? It doesn’t feel calm at all?? A giant of a man in foreign clothes is shouting.

“I, I’m truly sorry… the was fewer than I thought… I thought I could manage like before, but…”

The overly apologetical person is this store’s clerk… owner?
He’s wearing Doristan Kingdom’s clothes, but his manners and facial features are bit different. Is he a biracial person like Shin?

“In either case, I will collect everything according to its value like was promised! I don’t know what Aniki will do otherwise…!”
“No, however…”

Umm, they seem to be in the middle of something… however, today’s main event is a treasure hunt in this place. I have no choice of withdrawing out of here. It was at the time I pulled myself together and decided to greet them.

“Excuse me, owner. Aren’t those customers?”

N? A child’s voice? When I looked towards the voice, a doll behind the giant man spoke up.
No, a child as adorable as doll spoke up.

“It’s Ichima-san…”

The child with her straight, black hair that was reaching up to the shoulders while wearing an exotic-looking kimono was truly like Ichima-san… like a traditional Japanese doll.

“Sorry to show you something so unsightly. Do you need something?”

The sweet smile and trotting… way of coming over to us is also very lovable.

Iyaa~n! I thought that Miria and I were worthy of being called beauties after reincarnating in this world, but… the adorableness of the Orient is on a different level!
Uwaa… cute…! I want to become friends…

Wah, not good, not good… I was about to lose sight of the objective.

“Err… I would like you to show me seasonings and food from Yahatul if you have any, but…”

When I said so to Ichima-san (temporary) while feeling a bit bashful, the giant of a man turned around with great vigor and rudely approached.

“You interested in Yahatul’s food!? Ouch! … No, are you interested in food from Yahatul!?”

Ichima-san (temporary) brandished the folding fan? she held in her hands and hit the giant of a man who rudely approached us into the pit of his stomach without any hesitation. Eh? I, Ichima-saーーーn (temporary)!?

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