Chapter 165

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I will restrain myself!
“Ahh, the magic tool conditions, huh… let me take a look… hee…? Even the joints are completely… how amusing.”

Suzaku-sama said such while gazing at the collar magic tool around Kaguya’s neck.

“… It’s not amusing. Just inconvenient.”
“That is the penalty for assaulting Cristea-sama. It cannot be helped. It wouldn’t be strange if your existence were to be erased were something happen to her by any chance, you know?”

Suzaku-sama please stop saying something so scary while slowly patting Kaguya’s back with a refreshing smile! Aaah, her fur stood up in fear and her movements ceased, see!? Stop it already! Kaguya’s HP is already at zero, you know!???

“But well… has she been obedient recently? Cristea-sama?”
“Yes, of course. In the first place, I made sure she can’t do bad things.”
“Besides, O-Chibi-chan? Is your current life that unpleasant?”
“… Well, aside from being stuck in this form…”

I’m glad. It appears that Kaguya has gotten used to it a little bit.

“On a condition, I may allow you to turn yourself into the human form?”
“With some conditions you say, wasn’t only I able to overwrite them…?”
“I cannot overwrite the magic tool’s conditions. I believe she will be able to turn herself human with my divine protection… on a condition though.”

Eh, divine protection? Because she’s a Divine Beast? She can do something like that?

“Oy, wait a moment. If it’s divine protection then I planned to give her one.”

Eh? Byakko-sama??

“Mine is just right and she’s competent eno… no, yeah, well. She will become my retainer.”

… Right now, you were about to say she’s good to be your servant, didn’t you? Please stop using my contracted beasts as you please, okay!?

“So? Do you want to be able to turn into a human?”
“… I will restrain myself. I can’t help but have a bad feeling about this.”
“Oh myyy! This is not something you should restrain yourself about!”
“Oy, Suzaku. She’s vigilant because you are making a sinister face. Go away.”
“What did you sayyy!?”
“Ginya-! Let me gooooo!”

Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama started struggling over Kaguya.

Ahh, seriously! Look at Kaguya’s sorry figure because of your doing-!
Is this that thing? The one who releases his hands is the real mother… no this is wrong, a suitable Divine Beast to bestow the divine protection… or something?
That’s not it!

“Umm! Please release he…”
“”No need to hold back!!””

At that moment, Kaguya who was in the two’s hands got wrapped in light and soon, a petite, black-haired girl was standing there instead.

… In full nude.

“… Whoops.”
“… Oh dear.”
“Whoaaaaaaa!?!? Let me go, let me goooo!!!!!”


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