Chapter 585.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What do you want to ask?
“Oh, of course! Just contracting with Ruby is already more than enough for me!”

“Ahem, that’s good, then.”

Mariel-chan vigorously shook her head, saying, “No, no, no!” while Ruby looked satisfied watching her.
It’s true, it must be quite challenging… she’s always being dragged around by Ruby.
Yet, they get along well, making them a peculiar duo.

“Oh, but speaking of unique, isn’t the representative Sacred Beast of this country also like that?”

Ruby, looking satisfied with Mariel’s response, nibbled on his dedicated vegetable stick.

“Huh? Our country’s Sacred Beast?”

Alicia-sama looked at Ruby as if hearing this for the first time.

“They’ve been contracting with each King since the founding of the country by the First King. Normally, they wouldn’t continue contracting with their children just because the original contractor died, right?”

“But currently…”

“It was probably a promise with the First King. Promises with masters you are deeply attached to sometimes continue even after the person has passed away. Still, I think it’s quite rare, considering there might be owners with whom they just won’t get along no matter what.”

True. But now that it’s mentioned, Leon-sama seems to be more attached to the tranquility of the country than to guarding His Majesty… doesn’t he?

“What’s this? You got some business with me?”



As if whispering in my ear from behind, a voice reached me, and Ruby immediately teleported to a corner of the room with Mariel-chan.
Well, yeah, since Ruby is Mariel-chan’s Contracted Beast, that’s the right move… but being abandoned in an instant is a bit sad.

But the reason I could stay calm like this is that I recognized that voice.
Despite that, I turned in surprise at the sudden appearance.


“Hey, Ojou. Been doing well?”

What’s the saying about spreading rumors behind someone’s back!?
That was the impression I got as Leon-sama, whom I had only met at the entrance ceremony, smiled at me.
He still had the appearance of a friendly older brother in his casual attire.

Seeing the interaction between me and Leon-sama, Ruby’s vigilance seemed to ease, perhaps realizing he wasn’t a threat.
Mariel-chan quickly held Ruby, who seemed to have lost his strength, and said, “Oh, come on, don’t surprise us like that…” Well, anyone would be startled if an unknown Sacred Beast suddenly appeared.

“… Yes, I am happy to see you doing well too, Leon-sama. But still…”

Just as I was about to ask why he was here, Kurogane and Mashiro, in their human forms, appeared before me.

“What business do you have with Cristea?”

“Do not approach my master recklessly.”

Without hiding their ominous presence, the two seemed ready to snap at Leon-sama at any moment.

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