Chapter 570.1

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It’s a maiden’s secret!?
“Eh, um, errr…”
“Wa-wait, everyone, please calm down…”

Seeing Mariel-chan being cornered by the three, Ronnie-sama reached out for the wand, but Ruby’s kick exploded on Ronnie-sama’s chin.


Just in time, Adry-sama supported Ronnie-sama, who seemed about to fall backward.
Good job, Adry-sama!
If he had fallen, he might have hit his head.

“Geez, trying to forcibly touch a maiden’s secret belongings is not something a gentleman should do, right!?”

After delivering a splendid kick, Ruby landed smoothly and glared at Ronnie-sama, who was swaying with the support of Adry-sama.

“Ruby-dono, indeed, what this fellow did was impolite. I deeply apologize. I will scold him severely later, so could you forgive him?”

Master Marlen stepped forward, as if he was protecting Ronnie-sama and Adry-sama, and apologized.

“I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll spare you for the sake of your face. Make sure to discipline him properly, okay? Also, keep this magic tool a secret, alright? I mi~ght have overdone it a bit.”
“I appreciate your kindness, Ruby-dono.”


Ruby’s gesture of shrugging her shoulders with an expression of “oh well” was met with relieved nods not only from Master Marlen but also from Ronnie-sama and Adry-sama.

“I dislike brats and kids with no manners. Remember that… and you there, peeking, too.”

Upon hearing Ruby’s words, I followed her gaze and saw Alicia-sama slumped in the shadows near the entrance beyond the remains of the targeted wall.

“Uh… well, you see, this is, uh…”
“Well, instead of sitting there like that, come over here.”

Seeing Alicia-sama seemingly unable to stand due to her weakened knees, Ruby twisted her front leg, and Alicia-sama teleported right next to us.


With Alicia-sama still slumped, Ruby approached her.

“My, my, my. Peeking isn’t something a lady should do, you know? What do you think is the right thing to do in a situation like this?”

Ruby cheerfully said with a playful voice, forcibly folding his short front legs and tilting his head, causing Alicia-sama to flinch.

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