Chapter 262

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A living legend.
“… Pardon me for my ignorance, I was extremely disrespectful.”

I silently bowed my head and apologized.

… That reminds me, it was like that.
A Sacred Beast that the Founding King has contracted has been protecting the Doristan Kingdom all this time.

Normally, it isn’t strange for the magic beasts to end the contract after the contractor’s death and contract another person after. The contract with a Sacred Beast fundamentally lasts for a generation.

However, the Sacred Beasts who had a powerful connection with the Founding King swore to the dying Founding King
Protecting that oath even now, the Sacred Beasts keeps on protecting the royal family and the country…

Because of that, those who contract Sacred Beasts in our country are cherished and are supposed to report immediately in the case they form a contract.

And, the crest of our Doristan Kingdom is designed after that very Sacred Beast.
It’s the king of beasts with an imposing mane, a lion.
Though he’s apparently many fold times larger than the lions I know…

That living legend of a Sacred Beast is… this good-looking man?

“Can’t be helped since you didn’t know, right? Don’t mind it.”

He patted my head.
Guwaaa! Stop dishevelling my hair!

Seriously… for the Sacred Beast of legends to be this crude… I wasn’t expecting that!

… N? … Now that I think about it, wouldn’t he already be considered a Deity…
… Will one keep his crudeness no matter how long he lives, I wonder?

“You don’t seem very surprised even though I am a Sacred Beast?”

Suddenly stopping his hand, Sacred Beast-sama smiled.


… That’s right. This is supposed to be my first time seeing a Sacred Beast, so I should have raised my voice in shock or froze in place, I was supposed to have some kind of a reaction…!

Because I spend every day with Mashiro and Kurogane and I’m also an acquaintance with Byakko-sama and others, my reaction was too poor… i, isn’t this bad…?

“E, err… I was too surprise… eh?”

Pulling the confused me towards him, Sacred Beast-sama sniffed me.

“… Wha! What are you-!?”
“Hey-! Leo! What are you doing!?”
“Your magical power smells delicious, but there’s a scent of a dog… a scent I’m familiar with. I also smell other beasts.”

Sacred Beast-sama whispered near my ear tremblingly.

“Whoops, that has been rude towards a lady, right? Sorry, sorry.”

Sacred Beast-sama suddenly separated from me and looked at me while foolishly laughing.

Scent scent of a dog… eh? Is he talking about Kurogane? Familiar?
Did he perhaps smell Kurogane and others?

“That’s right, Leo! Good grief, that was truly rude to Miss Cristea!”

Prince Ray protested whilst completely red.

W, what to do…! Have my contracts been exposed?? Moreover, if the multiple contracts get exposed… hii!

“I’m telling you I’m sorry. I will let you eat something delicious again, so forgive me. Alright?”

Sacred Beast-sama gave a broad grin and stood up.
He was waving his hand, trying to leave.

“Ah! Umm!”

Is he going to report to His Majesty by any chance!?
Although I tried to stop him, I couldn’t bring myself to say something untactful in front of Prince Ray.

Ahh… there’s nothing I can do now.

“… Don’t worry. I will keep quiet about you getting lost and stuff.”
“… Eh?”

He will keep it secret? Why?

“Then, see ya later?”

I saw off Sacred Beast-sama leaving with my mouth wide open.

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