Chapter 403

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Whawhawhat do I do-!
“As long as I’m here, he won’t make any fuss because he knows I can protect him. To be frightened this much can only mean that there’s someone so strong that even I won’t be able to defend.”

Teacher Neil said while patting the monkey’s bottom to calm it down.

“Unfortunately, I can’t discern who that is with my meager ability…”

Teacher Neil looked at us with a smile.
… This is totally out of the bag, isn’t it?

“It’s probably not Norman-kun, right? You don’t seem different from before the vacation. These guys don’t seem to be simple servants as they are clearly protecting…”

Teacher Neil looked at me.

“You, Miss Cristea.”

That moment, Kurogane and Mashiro stood up before me, blocking Teacher Neil’s sight of me.

“What are you trying to do? I won’t let you do harm to our Lord.”
“If you do something to Cristea, I will crush you?”

What are you doing, you two~!
Mashiro, let’s abstain from such improper remarks, okay?
I can’t deceive him anymore like this, can I… ahhh, I got checkmated…!

“… So that means those two are like that? You see one rarely, but to think there are two… how shocking. Just what is going to happen this year…”

Finding it unexpected, Teacher Neil seemed to be quite shocked.
Waaaah… this is totally bad…!

“… Oh well. If that’s the case, I would be best for you to come with me. Norman-kun, I hope you will accompany us too?”
“… Understood.”

Oniisama replied dully to the smiling Teacher Neil.
When Teacher Neil informed the driver of the destination, the carriage began slowly running deeper inside the academy.
Eh? Eh? Where are we going?
Isn’t the procedure-like reception over there?
The carriage proceeded to the back of the academy with me still confused.


Shortly after arriving in front of a large building, Teacher Neil left the carriage and entered the building after telling us to wait for a moment.

“… U, umm, Oniisama. I cannot grasp the current situation… just what is going on?”
“Ah… yeah. Teacher Neil is a professor of Monsterology, and he’s an authority of monster and Sacred Beast research.”

Yeah, I heard that earlier… eh, Sacred Beast research?

“And that familiar of his as a Timid Monkey, a low-ranked magic beast with a high detection ability. Since he was there, he must have been screening if there were students who brought magic beasts with them.”
“Screening… huh.”

It’s not natural to find one.
So that’s why Otousama and Oniisama told me that I will get exposed immediately, huh…

“Yes. But he usually doesn’t take on this task, so why did he have to do it this year…”

Oniisama said in wonder.
It seems that Otousama and Oniisama were expecting me to get discovered in class, not immediately upon my arrival.
But I see, so that’s why Teacher Neil was standing by the gate, but why did it have to be him…

“He has totally noticed, didn’t he?”
“Indeed. At that time, we wouldn’t know who could be listening outside the carriage, so teacher didn’t dare to talk about the contract, but…”
“Umm, what is going to happen to me from now on?”

I really didn’t think I would be detected even before entering the dormitory. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had to go home before I can officially enroll.
W, what do I do…!


The door opened the moment Oniisama tried to speak, so he stopped.
Teacher Neil entered the carriage again with a smile on his face.

“Hey, I made you wait! Well then, shall we go?”

Eh? Where to?
With no one answering my question, the carriage started running again.
Hey, where are you taking me?
Rather than that, what is going to happen to meeeee?

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