Chapter 214

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The reason for hesitating.
In the end, it has been decided that I’m going to the Capital. I will apparently have to ride a box-shaped carriage several days later. Ugh… carriage, huh…
The warping room is not used during the social season as the carriage will stop by the towns it passes through where we will leave our money for the preparations for winter. That is also the duty of the nobility.
Well, having the money go around is indispensable after all. However…

“Haa… I don’t want to go…”

I was laying on the sofa in my room.
The carriage ride aside, I’m not satisfied with going to the Capital itself.
I will have to live in the capital after entering the academy anyway. Besides, I do want to see what is sold at the Capital’s market. They might have ingredients which I have not discovered yet after all.

Despite that, why am I still reluctant to go to the Capital? That’s because if I go now, I will have to stay there for the New Year’s party and won’t be able to return here for about a month.

“Even though I finally got my hands on the sticky rice…”

Right! I have obtained the long-awaited sticky rice! Yay!

Thus, having obtained sticky rice in this season… there’s only one thing to do.

Yes! Making [tie_tooltip text=”Rice cake made from sticky rice.” gravity=”n”]Mochi[/tie_tooltip]!!!

“And yet, I have to go to the Capital…!”

Omochi… that captivating springy texture…!
It’s good when baked with sweet soy sauce, it’s good when filled with Zenzai, and I have to put lots in the New Year’s Ozouni!
Also, decorating Kagami Mochi, splitting a hardened Mochi, frying the Mochi in oil and sprinkling it with salt, and then and then… aaaaah…!

… Not good, my Omochi tension has raised.

“You don’t want to go to the Capital that much?”
“Why not go?”

Kurogane and Mashiro asked as if peering into my face.

“It’s not like I can’t go and it’s not that I dislike going there, but… my Omochi…”
“Mochi? Is that food?”
“Yeah. We got something from Sei the last time, remember?”
“That was rice, wasn’t it?”
“That’s right, but that is called sticky rice and Omochi can be made from it.”
“Hmmm… Omochi, won’t make it?”
“Don’t you have to just make it now?”
“There’s a mountain of things I want to make, but I don’t have the tools to make Omochi…”

A steamer to steam the sticky rice, mortar, and mallet which are necessities for Mochi pounding…

… No, wait a moment?
Instead of a steamer, I could put water in a pot and strainer inside so it wouldn’t soak in water… maybe? I just have to make the mortar by imagining a stone mortar with Earth magic. All that’s left is the mallet, huh…
… Come to think of it, there was the usagi kine. A Mochi mallet with no handle…
It seems it could work if I cut a log… but how? Hmm…
Ah… hammer… couldn’t I use a hammer instead?? … The mortar would break, huh.
Or, do I make an unbreakable mortar…
… I will have to consult with Galvano Ojisama.

Make hay while the sun shines, huh.
I decided to intrude on Galvano Ojisama’s workshop without a delay.

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