Chapter 189

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The Guild Master requested me.
“By the way… you said for cooking, right? You are cooking even though you are an Ojousama, Cristea-chan? I’ve heard from Galvano that you have sold recipes to the Merchant’s Guild or something…”
“Yes, well…”
“That’s nice~ I want to have a taste too?”

Nuoo… stop pleading with sparkling eyes! So dazzling!
Eyes! My eyesss!

“There’s nothing for you! If you want to eat Cristea’s dishes then go buy the recipe from the Merchant’s Guild and let the servants make it for you.”
“No fairrr! You are always eating your beloved daughter’s food, right? Galvano also said that it’s tasty, so I have been curious for a long time! Share with me tooo!”

So heartlesss! Tirie-san objected Otousama’s disregard.

Otousama, you can’t help but be immature when Tirie-san is your opponent, huh… are you relaxed because he’s a friend? … Still, shouldn’t we treat him for helping us though…

“Otousama, we are receiving a favor this time, wouldn’t it be all right to treat Tirie-san a little bit?”
“Cristea-chaan! What a good girl you are!”

Kurogane obstructed Tirie-san who tried to embrace me. Good job, Kurogane!

… Somehow, I have a certain feeling that Tirie-san delightfully patted Kurogane while restricted by him… let’s pretend I didn’t see that.
Ah, Kurogane, you mustn’t throw hum… I mean, Elves.

“… Mu, as I thought, giving this fellow your cooking is a waste.”
“Otousama, we are the ones requesting cooperation…”
“… It’s just a deal. It can’t be helped if you say that much. The new product… do you still have it?”

He gave the permission unwillingly.

“The bacon? I have it, but…?”
“Take it out.”

Eh… I have other proper dishes in the Inventory as well though? Just the bacon?

“… Yes. Is this much enough?”

I took a lump out of my Inventory.

“…! Inventory!? Cristea-chan can use an Inventory?”
“Y… yes.”
“Haa… a contract with Sacred Beasts and an Inventory, huh… you had a great magical power since birth, didn’t you? Cristea-chan, you have an outstanding talent. The Adventurer’s Guild would like someone as capable as you…”

I can also use the Warp magic, but keeping silent about that seems to be the wiser choice…

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