Chapter 239

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Let’s simmer it slowly and carefully.
Yeah, there’s still a little bit of time before the bedtime, so let’s make simmered apples.

“Well then, I will make simmered apples next.”

Understanding that there’s a continuation, Head Chef was all smiles. N, no… don’t be so delighted, I’m only simmering apples, okay??

I peel the apples, extract the cores, and cut them into thin slices.
I also chop other apples nearly finely to prepare them for grating. This is for the jam one.

I put the differently cut apples into separate pans, add honey and salt, and mix it with a citrus juice that is similar to a lemon.

I will put in the cinnamon powder midway.
The aroma of cinnamon is where the fondness divides, but I’m in the fond faction. The adults will be eating it this time, so it should be fine.

Whoops, I almost forgot to put the skins of the apples inside.
It will turn nicely pink when simmered together with the skins, and starting with the polyphenol, they are rich in nutrients.
Although you could slice the apples with the skin on, you can add the skins alter if you don’t like their texture.
It feels nice using them without hesitation since they are pesticide-free.

For the simmered apples, you slowly simmer them until they become transparent and you are done. If the flames are too strong, all the liquid will disappear and you will end up burning it, so don’t take your eyes off of it.

As for the bubbling jam, you mix it with a wooden spatula not to burn it.
Head Chef and Shin replaced me and took turns stirring… it’s not something you need to be replaced for though…
I was bored in the meanwhile, so I tried to make apple tea from the remaining skin and cores.

The three of us drank the apple tea while stirring the wooden spatula.

“Ohh… this is the aroma of apples, but refreshing, isn’t it? To make something like this from the skins and cores we normally throw away…”
“… Really. It’s the usual black tea, but to change this impressively…”

Both seem to be impressed with the apple tea.

“How about another helping?”
“”I will have some.””

I made fresh apple tea.
This time, together with a cinnamon stick.

“…! This is? I want to say that both the flavor and aroma are different from before…!?”
“I put in a cinnamon stick. It has an amusing taste, right?”
“Cinnamon… inserting medicine into a tea? Ahh, it warms up the body, doesn’t it…”

Medicine… ah, I feel like the merchant I bought it from handled the cinnamon as medicinal plants.
Indeed, it warms up the body just as, no even more than ginger.

“You can use cinnamon to make sweets too. Moreover, I put in something powdery too, right?”
“Ah… was the powder made out of this?”
“Cinnamon is an acquired taste, but I’m someone who likes the taste of it.”
“Is that so! I will remember that.”

Head Chef laughed cheerfully.

“Yeah, it should be fine already.”

With this, the apple jam is finished.
If you are going to preserve it for a long time, boil preservation jar to sterilize it, pour in the apple jam while it’s hot, cover it with a lid and let it cooled down like that.

This is just a trial product, so I decided to take it out during breakfast tomorrow. I made only so little that it will disappear in no time when my family and everyone in the mansion eats it.

“Eh!? The servants may have some too?”
“? Yes, we made it with much effort, so I would like everyone to have a try.”
“… Thank you very much. I will convey to everyone to give their thanks properly!”

No, I want them to sample it for me, but you don’t have to go that far…
I glanced at Shin and gave a nod.
He will surely have a good talk with Head Chef later.

“… Anyhow, shall we taste it?”
“! By all means!!”

I thinly sliced the remaining bread, lightly cooked it on the frying pan so the surface was crunchy and spread the jam on top of it.

“Here, eat up.”
“”Thank you for the meal!!””

I can’t have enough of the bread’s crunchy texture and the sour-sweetness of the apple jam.
It has just the right accent of the cinnamon aroma.
There’s a little amount of apples’ texture remaining from not being cut too finely, so you sometimes feel like biting into an apple.

“Ahh… this is good. To think that sour apples could have a flavor this deep…”

Did the cinnamon do a good job?

“It’s also delicious when put together with fresh cream on a pancake, you know?”
“Oh! That sounds delicious! Let’s make pancakes for tomorrow’s breakfast!”

Head Chef nodded joyfully. It’s just a jam, so I’m going to ask Miria later to hand bacon to Shin.

Today’s operation ends here.
I was declined to help with the cleaning, so I left it to the two and left the kitchen.

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