Chapter 63

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The captivating ◯◯◯ is complete!
“Well then, I’m off to finish the preparations for the dinner…”

Saying such, I stood up from my seat.

“Eh? You will be really making it!?”

His Highness looked at me with surprise.
Eh? You said it yourself, didn’t you?

“Yes, the preparations are mostly complete, but I have to do the last touches personally. For you see, it’s a new recipe.”
“”””Eh? A new recipe!?””””
“Y, yes… it’s a new dish.”

Wha… Okaasama, please don’t react too…

“I see, a new dish, huh…”

His Highness had a complacent smile and Oniisama looked happy when they heard they will be eating a dish no one has ever eaten before.
Otousama and Okaasama seem to be restless too.

“… May I watch how you make it?”

Eh, that would be troubling. Isn’t watching the process as if spoiling a good movie? The feelings of expectations from eating a newly created dish for the first time will fade, so there’s no meaning in watching. Moreover, it’s not like we can let His Highness the Crown Prince enter the kitchen, right…

“… I’m sorry. I have no intention of selling this recipe, so it’s a recipe that won’t leave the premises, so showing it to you would be…”
“”””A recipe that won’t leave the premises!?””””

Gulp. I heard loud noises of saliva being swallowed. N, not good, I somehow managed to raise the hurdle on my own…

“T, then, I will excuse myself…”

I left towards the kitchen with a stiff smile.


“Yo, Ojou. The preparations are complete.”

When I entered the kitchen, Shin who quickly discovered me called out to me.

“Thank you… un, looks good.”

I confirmed that the ingredients in the pot were cooked well on a low temperature.
Now then, let’s finish it.
I begin by making a roux from wheat flour. Carefully so it won’t get burned… when cooked until it’s light brown, I remove it from fire and cool it down with magic. Here, I retrieve the thing I completed the other day from the inventory.
Fufufu… because I have purchased loads of spices in the market, I finally discovered the ideal combination after repeated trial and error… right, what I made was a curry powder.
I put it in a medicinal bottle so the fragrance wouldn’t escape and kept it safe in the inventory, so the moment I opened the bottle, a violent fragrance of stimulating spices overwhelmed the surroundings.
Haaa… what a nice smell. It definitely increased my appetite!

I add the curry powder to the roux and mix it together. With this, the curry roux is complete. I cooled it down, so the aroma wouldn’t escape, and since I have a bit of the curry powder left, I will add it to the pot once the roux dissolves. The curry’s aroma is a feast on its own after all.

I put the roux into the pot which I prepared in advance and heat it until dissolved. Once everything is dissolved, I add the remaining curry powder and mix to completion. I pour half into another pot and add a little more spices. Waa~… what a good fragrance.


I heard several gulps from behind me.
When I turned around, I found myself surrounded by everyone from the kitchen.

I messed up…! I should have set up a barrier…

“… There’s enough only for tasting… everyone, taste it all together, okay?”

I served a good amount of rice which I covered with plenty of roux and left it on the table. I quickly stored the pot and ohitsu in the inventory.

That moment, everyone in the kitchen turned into a wild beast… hii!
Everybody took a spoon and struggled to eat the curry… eh, scary… was curry something so brutal to eat!?

I, I’m sorry? I will make it again, so endure with this for today, okay!?

Feeling that it would be dangerous to stay like this, I requested for the cutlery to be prepared and fled from the kitchen.

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