Chapter 527.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Are you a herbivore? Or a carnivore!?
“You know, you really should get your act together and stop mumbling. Besides, you didn’t give me a name yet.”

Bam, bam! The sound of the paws hitting the floor and the Carbuncle’s fury brought Mariel-chan back to her senses.

“Eh? Na, name!? E, errmm, when it comes to bunnies, Pete…”
“Stop right there, Mariel-san. I don’t think that’s good.”
“Eh, but he’s wearing clothes, so I thought it would be perfect…”
“I’m telling you, it better be an elegant name. Masculine and unrefined names are out of question.”
“See, I told you. Let’s come up with another name.”
“Ehhh…? E, err, umm…”
“By the way, I named Mashiro and Kurogane after their fur colors, so that’s all I can recommend.”

Mariel-chan was so distressed that I realized that she had no sense of naming, but I hoped I could atleast give her some hints.

“Color… co, come to think of it, I heard that long time ago, Carbuncles were referred to after red jewels, like Ruby, Red Spinel, Garnet…
“… What did you say just now?”

The Carbuncle responded to Mariel-chan’s blurted words.

“I’m asking you, what did you say just now!? Red jewels?”
“Eh? Ah? U, umm, Ruby, Red Spi…”
“That’s it!”

The Carbuncle stretched out his right front paw toward Mariel-chan’s face.
Is it perhaps trying to point at her?
Don’t do that, pointing fingers at other people is rude.

“My name is Ruby from this day forward! I’ve decided!”
“Call me Ruby from now on!”
“O, okay!”

… I feel like I’m going to end up calling it Ruby Neesan. It matches too well.

“Well, since we have decided on the name, I will leave the meal preparations for you.”


The Carbuncle, Ruby, jumped up on the sofa, and started grooming its ears.
Cu, cute… although it’s character is not.

“L, listen here…”

Ruby gave me a suspicious look when I call out to it without heading to the kitchen.

“Those who don’t work don’t get to eat. That is the rule in the Special dormitory. Today is fine because it’s your welcome party, but I will have you do your part starting tomorrow.”

I have a feeling that Mariel-chan’s life of enslavement to Ruby will be confirmed if I leave it as it is.
We are all sharing responsibilities in the Special dormitory, so I have to give the reminder before its too late.

“… Are you telling me the Sacred Beasts are working too?”
“Yes, they do…”
“… W, what a wasteful use of beauty…!

Ruby looked kind of shocked and staggered, but it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are when you want to eat!
The beauties around here are simply gluttons!

“O, oh well. I’m sure I will get more opportunities to touch those beauties if I help… ah, right! I want to cheer them on and wipe their sweat when they work!”
“There’s no such job.”

Ruby tsk-ed at me. No, no one would consider that a job.
… Despite being a herbivore, Ruby is a carnivore in words and deeds.

“A, anyhow, let’s go prepare the dinner, Mariel-san!”

We left the room, leaving Ruby on the couch, sulking.

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