Chapter 528.1

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Any requests?
“Fuu… good grief.”

After we left the room, we went down the stairs to the kitchen.
I thought that many of the Sacred Beasts were unique, but Ruby was no exception.
Perhaps it was his tone of voice, but he reminded me of Tirie-san from the Onee-faction. But Tirie-san was a Guild Master of the Adventurers’ Guild, so even with that tone of voice, he was still a sensible person…
I know we shouldn’t impose our common sense on contracted beasts, but if they are going to form a contract and live in the human world, we need to make an effort to compromise with each other or adapt to one side or the other.
Mariel-chan seems to be a bit of a pushover when it comes to anything other than her business and hobbies, so I’m a little worried that her life with Ruby might become one-sided.

“I’m sorry, because of me…”

Mariel-chan apologized with dejection.

“Eh? I don’t think there’s anything you need to apologize for?”
“Ruby seems to have a very strong personality or should I say character, so I’m just worried about you, Mariel-san.”
“Th, thank you very much for worrying about me! Ruby is a little… no, he’s quite the quirky character, he said being with me would be amusing, so… I’m sure we will get along well.”
“I see…”
“Besides, thanks to Ruby, I am very happy to be able to stay in the same dormitory as you and others, Cristea-san. I’m looking forward to working with you as a student in the same Special dormitory from now on!”

Mariel-chan bowed and smiled softly as she said that. Ugh, so cute!

“Fufu, it’s my pleasure.”

I see, so now that we’re in the same dormitory, maybe we can have a pajama party or something!
The dorm supervisor, Teacher Neil, is a laissez-faire kind of guy, and he doesn’t tell us what to do or that we should keep quiet in the dorm, so I’m sure it will be fine.
I could invite Miria to join us and stay up late with snacks and tea… Waah, I’m looking forward to it!

“Mariel-san, would you like to have a pajama party later?”
“Eh! Of course, I wanna! There are so many things I would like to talk to you about! Yeah, so many!”

Mariel-chan answered with a very nice smile that made the flowers bloom.
What she wants to talk about… no need to guess, it’s about the rotten religion, for sure.
… W, well, she has to hold back all the time, so I would like her to talk about it without hesitation, at least at a time like that…
On that day, I will have Mashiro and Kurogane rest in a different room… ah, it might not be a good idea to invite Miria then…
After deciding on the pajama party, I was worried about the topic of our conversation to come.

“Oh, have you ladies finished your business already?”
“Good work, you two.”

When I entered the dining room, I found Byakko-sama and Sei wiping the table.

“Oh my, Cristea-sama and Mariel-san. Are you done with the room? Oh, right. I have finished preparing dashi for tomorrow.”

Suzaku-sama who had gathered her hair into a ponytail popped out of the kitchen.

“My Lord, the rice is cooking. What about today’s soup?”
“Cristea~? Is this enough plates?”

Kurogane and Mashiro came out of the kitchen next.
To me, this is a completely familiar sight, but if Ruby saw this sight, he would say, “Kiii! What a waste of pretty faces!” and might get angry.
But I think it’s so nice to see everyone preparing a meal together in such a harmonious way, it’s like we are a part of a big family.

“Thank you, everyone. Today, we are going to have a welcome party for the newcomers. Mariel-san, do you have any requests for food?”
“Eh? E, errr… can it be anything?”
“Yes. As long as we have ingredients…”
“T, then, I would like to eat a potato salad full of mayo with karaage! And soup doesn’t have to be Orc soup, it can be one with plenty of veggies!”
“Eh… okay, sure.”

Mariel-chan, who came at me with a prayerful pose, flinched as I agreed, and she showed a big smile.

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