Chapter 500.2

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Café meal?
“What would you like to have, Cristea-san, Sei-sama? I’m going to have the rice set…”
“Of course, I will have the rice set as well.”
“I’ll have that too.”

The employee at the cash register seemed to make a loud noise as we answered Mariel-chan’s question, and then he backed away, shaking as a rattle.

“…? Umm, we would like to order…”

Just as Mariel-chan was about to order while feeling suspicious, the employee shouted loudly toward the kitchen.

“Head cheeef! The daughter of Duke Ellisfeed has comeee!”



At the same time as that voice, I thought I heard something fall in the kitchen, a stern-looking chef came out running up to me.

“Y-young lady of Duke E-Elielielisfeed, it-it-it’s an honor to meesh youw…”

Why are you stuttering? Uh, he seems to be tremendously frightened though, what is this about!?

“Haah, umm… this rice set is…”
“Please forgive meee!”

The person who seemed to be the head chef ripped off his chef hat and bowed his head with great force.

“I’m sorry for selling your recipe as a menu item without your permission, Ojousama… I, I didn’t expect to be scolded so soon…”

Ah~… I see. So it’s about this.
I registered the recipes for rice and miso soup, so he thought I was here to object against his incorporating of my recipes into the menu without my permission.


“Please raise your head. You seem to have misunderstood something. I prohibit people from reselling the recipes I sell, but I don’t prohibit them from selling the dishes based on my recipes, as long as people don’t claim to have invented them themselves.”
“How, however… a, are you sure…?”

This time, he raised his head and looked at me with fear and trepidation, so the eyes around me hurt!
Stop it, you are making me look like a villainess!

“Of course. I have been looking forward to having your rice set.”

Well, I didn’t know about it until I came here, though…
At my words, the chef-like person smiled and bowed.

“Thank you very much! What an honor to be serving you is, Ojousama… I will bring it to you right away! Hey, get these three plates ready right away! Please take this plate and wait at your favorite table. No need to pay!”

He rushed the cashier to issue the plate and pushed it to Mariel-chan.

“T, thank you…?”

We noticed that the people in line behind us and at the surrounding tables were paying attention to us, so we quickly moved to find an empty seat.
As we scurried around for a seat that was a little less conspicuous… a glamorous voice called out to us.

“Cristea-sama, over here.”

As I turned my eyes in the direction of the voice, I saw…


Pamela-san, the academy’s Headmaster’s secretary, was waving her hand.

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