Chapter 61

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You mustn’t believe rumors, you know?
“The rumored re, repu…?”

What did he just say? This Crown Prince!?

“It’s a rumor about you being a lady that would eat anything without hesitation, even if it’s horse feed, but?”
“R, repulsive food eating…!?”

How disgraceful…! Ah! Did the Bastea Company’s owner mean this when he said: “Ah, the rumored…” ?
Uwaa… what the hell…! For a rumor like this to spread to the public…
Sei should have told me!
… No, he wouldn’t, right… let’s consider this as Sei’s gentleness… ugh.

“… Your Highness. Would you please stop insulting my little sister?”

Oniisama said bluntly while glaring at His Highness. Hiya!? I feel like the surrounding temperature somehow decreased…?

“So, sorry… however, I heard that she can make many delicious things, but can a brat like that really do it…?”
“… Your Highness?”
“… Sorry.”

… What is it, it seems like Oniisama’s standing was higher… His Highness is overwhelmed.

“Sorry about that, Cristea. Even though he looks like this, His Highness was really looking forward to Cristea’s cooking, you know?”

Oniisama completely changed his chilly aura, turned towards me with a spring-like smile and covered for His Highness.
… It doesn’t look like that at all, though?
Uu… I feel like holding a grudge against him.

“… Well, if I eat it personally and find it delicious, such rumors should disappear when I attest to it.”

You are grinning from ear to ear though, Your Highness? Repulsive food eating Crown Prince and repulsive food eating lady, the two-top of the repulsive food eating celebrities! … It won’t turn out like this, right??
… That would be lese majeste, so it won’t happen.

“N, now, Your Highness! The servants won’t be able to carry your luggage inside if we stay here. I will make the preparations for a tea break, so let’s move inside!”

Otousama urged His Highness in a hurry… Looking at his state, Otousama must have known about the rumors too? Gununu…
But, it’s Otousama who dotes on me. I have no doubts that he must have tried to stop the rumors from spreading when he heard about them. I will forgive him for keeping silent in front of me.

“Yeah. Miss Cristea, I’m looking forward to today’s dinner!”
“… Yes, I will put all of my skills into it. Please do look forward to it.”

I saw off His Highness from the parlor with a smile.

… Fu. I prepared a special menu to welcome you, Your Highness.
Fufufufufu… with a dark smile on my face, I decided to return to my room first.

… Anyhow, the corset, have to, somehow… I’m at my limit…!

Since I’m not feeling well because of the anger and anemia, I will modify the menu a bit… is what I was thinking.

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