Chapter 107

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Outing after so long!
We have finished the preparations, so I decided to contact Byakko-sama first.

“Byakko-sama, can you talk?”
“… Ah? Ahh, Ojou? What’s the matter?”

I’m glad. It connected.

“You see, excuse me for not notifying you beforehand, but I would like to warp to you now… is it all right?”

I have not decided on the place of transfer and just thought of not warping to a public place… therefore, I made a conclusion to warp to Sei’s place. Ugh, visiting without an appointment, I’m unworthy of being a lady…

“Wait a moment, I will ask Sei… ah, he says it’s fine. However, what happened? For you to ask.”
“… I’m just being careful that the previous incident wouldn’t happen again.”
“Ah, that thing… as expected, you wouldn’t step in the same river twice.”

Kukku his laughter resounded. Gununu… who’s fault do you think it was…

“It’s only given! Geez! … Then, I will now warp to the room I visited the last time, alright?”
“Ohh, it’s fine since only us are in here at the moment.”
“Thank you very much. Then…”

“Now then, Mashiro, Kurogane, let’s go!”

Saying such, we have moved to Sei’s place using warp magic.


“Miss Cristea, long time no see.”

Oh my, Sei’s outfit today is… not a kimono, how unfortunate.
White shirt and trousers, the appearances of a boy that you could find anywhere. His facial features have an oriental feeling to them, so saying anywhere would be… slightly misleading statement. But, this also suits him well, yeah.

“Long time no see, Sei. It was only a few days, but it feels like we didn’t meet for longer, doesn’t it?”

Fufu, we exchanged greetings while laughing.

“Cristea-sama~~! Long time no see!”

My field of vision has been blocked with such words.

“Traveling incognito today? Your town girl appearance is also lovely!”

… Su, Suzaku-sama? Umm, because my face is buried in your chest, breath… I’m unable to breathe and thus I’m suffering, you know! Mugugu…!
And the pressure… it’s not half-assed! Aren’t these already considered lethal weapons!?
I can’t tell whether I will die of suffocation or I will be crushed to death first!?

“Oy, will you release her? Are you intending to kill my Lord?”

Kurogane peeled Suzaku-sama off of me. Buhaa! Ox, oxygen…!! Kurogane… good job!
Mashiro worriedly called out to me from the side whether I’m all right. Ahh, he casually entered between Suzaku-sama and me… thank you Mashiro for protecting me… but, with your similar height, you might become Suzaku-sama’s victim yourself, you know!? They are already lethal weapons, you know?

“… Oh my, I thought it stank of dog here, so it was this stray dog who barged in?”

Suzaku-sama provoked Kurogane.

“… Haa? What is this squeaky, charmless bird doing here?”

Kurogane accepted the challenge with his temple twitching.

“What did you say!? This mongrel!”
“Mongrel!? I’m Fenrir-sama you shitty fowl!!”

Awawawawa… what is this explosive situation!?

“Ah~… they meet after so long yet it happened again, huh…”
“… Byakko-sama, what do you mean?”

I inquired while concerned about the turbulent atmosphere.

“These guys wouldn’t get along since the olden days for some reason, you see…”

Wait right here~! Would you please tell me this information earlier!?

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