Chapter 191

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Guild Master’s food sampling time. Part 1
“Heyyy… what the hell is this…”

Said Tirie-san who seemed to give it his best not to become entranced.

“Umu… this is… umu…”

Said Otousama who was enjoying every bite of the bacon.

“Umu, this makes me want to drink.”
“Yup, delish!”

Mashiro and Kurogane happily stuffed their cheeks.

“It certainly has a deliciousness that makes you want to drink alcohol, doesn’t it? I usually don’t eat such fatty meat as the Orc meat, but… this has just the right amount of grease… moreover, I feel a deep flavor that just fried meat doesn’t have… is this the result of being smoked?”

Tirie-san asked me with an intoxicated expression. Uwaa… your seductiveness is greatly leaking out, you know!?

“Y, yes… I just simply fried it to let you purely savor the taste of the bacon this time, but it has many uses, you see?”
“Umu. The Napolitan and Carbonara were superb. However, to taste this good when it’s only fried…”
“Eh? Na, Napo…? Karu…? W, what is that? Are you saying that there are more delicious dishes than this!?”
“That’s right. They are dishes using bacon as the main ingredient. The red Napolitan and white Carbonara each have their special, different flavors…”

Closing his eyes, Otousama told Tirie-san while recalling back when he ate the two dishes.

“Hey! Invite me for the meal the next time! There’s no way you could leave me empty-handed after saying this much!?”
“We let you eat and you still want more, huh… how greedy.”
“Ah-! Being greedy is fine! Also, this! Sell me the recipe for this bacon! I want to introduce it as a portable meal for adventurers!”

Whut? Bacon? Well, the only meals adventurers are carrying are salt-pickled meats and hard bread after all. It might be good to improve the diet of the adventurers by even a little bit… at that time, I would like to do it together with the Sauerkraut and pickles too.

“About that… regarding the smoking including this bacon, I’m thinking of spreading it as the specialty of our fief first.”

Ha? What’s that? Otousama has a smug face, but this is the first time that the owner of the recipe, me, is hearing about that, though!?

“Erm, Otousama…? This is my first time hearing that, but…?”
“I have decided just now. I judged that it would go well after seeing this fellow’s reaction.”


“The deliciousness of this bacon has to be conveyed properly. Even if it becomes a portable food for adventurers, if we don’t spread the genuine standards first, the get rich quick scheme merchants will propagate terrible, salt-pickled meat as bacon.”
“… That would be alarming.”
“… Right? Therefore, I decided that our fief will establish the correct recipe of bacon.”
“Good! If you sell it under the Duke Ellisfeed brand, you will be able to supervise the sham companies. Sounds good!”
“… If that were the case, a stable supply of Orc meat would be necessary, but…”
“Leave it to me! I will have the Adventurer’s Guild back you up!”

… Wait a moment. You are leaving me behind quite a lot though!?
Who came up with this smoking, who was it!

“It has turned out like this, so finish the smokehouse quickly. I will hold a selection for workers who will produce smoked food. You will guide those people.”

Smoked food workers, you say… the little smoked food life I wanted to enjoy has suddenly turned large-scale!?
How did it turn out like this!?

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