Chapter 192

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Guild Master’s food sampling time. Part 2
Kurogane’s matter and the smoked bacon enterprise(?) has been settled, and it has been decided to strike while the iron is hot and register Kurogane as an adventurer.

While Tirie-san took Kurogane to register downstairs, Otousama and Mashiro who wanted to continue eating asked me for more bacon.

… Won’t you get tired of bacon at this rate~?
I, who is not good at returning to the same meal already started getting tired of bacon, so I took out potatoes which I fried together with the bacon and pickles.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting. The registration is… oh myy? A new menu again?”

Tirie-san who returned together with Kurogane happily reached his hand towards the food. I wouldn’t stretch it so far to call it a new menu…

“N~! Yummy! It goes well with potatoes, doesn’t it! It advances an extra level when you eat pickles in between!”

Ah, not good. The pickles I thought would go well with it only ended up accelerating his appetite.

“Oy, Tirie. Do you have no alcohol in this room?”

Hey, Otousama? No matter how close friends you are, you shouldn’t act without restrains and cause trouble, right-!?

“This office is, more or less, a workplace, you know? … Well, I do have some though.”

Saying such, Tirie-san took out a hip flask from his pocket and handed it to Otousama.
Your Elven image is steadily crumbling, you know!?

… I have no doubts that Tirie-san is the most eccentric oddball among the Elves, yeah, that’s definitely it!

“A hard liquor, huh… I think an ale would match it better.”
“It can’t be helped, right? I’m in the middle of work and in the first place, it would be troubling if I entered the lower floor while smelling so strongly. I had to cast Clear magic in a hurry when we went down just now.”

Tirie-san drank from a cup while complaining to Otousama.

Hey, hey, the adults have forgotten about the children (me) in the room and started drinking!?

… Huh? Wait a minute? Hard liquor?

“Err!? Tirie-san? That! That alcohol!”
“… Oh dear, I’m sorry. I became engrossed because the bacon was so delicious and unintentionally… n? What’s wrong with it?”

Tirie-san dangled with the hip flask. I snatched the hip flask from his hand and sniffed it.

… It’s brandy. So they had hard liquor-!

“Wha! Hey! Alcohol this strong is not for children!”

Tirie-san snatched the hip flask back in a panic… certainly, I feel tingles just from sniffing it… it can’t be helped since I’m but a child.

“Where did you obtain this liquor?”
“It’s still too early for you, Cristea-chan? … It’s made in the northern part of the fief. It’s difficult to obtain it here, but I got it through the Guild’s connections.”

I see, I heard that the northern part of the fief is cold. They must have needed strong alcohol to quickly warm up their bodies.
Why did I not find out before making Shibukawa-ni…! Let’s order this brandy the next year and make it with it. I want to make other sweets and dishes too.

“Otousama, I would like to order this liquor, but…”
“… Have you come up with some new dish again?”
“I wouldn’t call it new, but… I just thought that it could have various uses.”

Whoops, that was close. He wouldn’t be able to endure if I took out the new dish card here.

“Leave the arrangements to me! In exchange… I will be relying on you if you make something, okay?”

… Tirie-san, please stop looking at me wiht those eyes full of expectations! Your eyes are enchanted with the sparkling effect and are too dazzling!

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