Chapter 253

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Mofumofu while chillin.
The next morning. I, who have finished the morning yoga as usual, have sat on the sofa in front of the fireplace and spent the time with Mashiro and others while watching the crackling flame.

It’s still early for breakfast, so I thought about practicing magic, but… when I looked outside from the window, I saw snow starting to flutter around, so I abandoned that thought.
… No wonder I felt a penetrating cold when I got up.

“Will the snow pile up, I wonder…”

The trains got delayed and it was difficult to commute to work when the snow piled up in my past life, so I couldn’t help but feel depressed at that time, but I’m simply looking forward to it now.

If it piles up, I want to make a snowman and snow rabbits. I would also like to try making a snow hut… now that I think about it, do they have something like the snow sculpture exhibition that was held every year in my past life in this world as well?

“Cristea, if lots of snow piled up, would be happy?”

Mashiro asked with his upper part of the body on my lap, so I replied while proficiently enjoying the mofumofu.

“Let’s see… I want to see the pure white snowy landscape because it would be definitely pretty, but if too much piled up, it would be difficult to get to the royal palace for the New Year’s party and that would be troubling.”

A few days later, a party will be held in the royal palace to celebrate the New Year.
After His Majesty receives congratulations for the New Year’s from Otousama, Okaasama, and other adults in the audience hall, the event will transition into a grand party.

As for us, the children, it would be still a little too early to appear in public, see? … Therefore, except for the little children who will gather at a care-taking house, a meager party will be held in another hall in the name of social interaction.

There, the children will receive advice from the other noble children who will be their seniors in the academy and get to know each other’s faces, names… and peerage, so that they could avoid causing trouble in the future.
You could say that it’s an important party for someone like me who stayed locked up in the fief all this time.

When the nobles from all over the country return to the Capital during the social season, the parents would then bring their children to the tea parties to introduce them to children of similar peerage most of the time…
Just the traveling with the children from the borders is a difficult task, so people just can’t come to the Capital lightheartedly. Therefore, this opportunity to meet with the sons and daughters of other nobles before entering the academy is very precious.

I also would like to make a girl friend during this party… is what I am secretly thinking.

“If piled up, troubling? Wouldn’t have to go to the party? Shall I make it snow?”

Hey, hey, Mashiro-san?
You let out an improper remark, you know?
That’s not a good thing to do, so don’t do it, alright??

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