Chapter 252

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I somehow struggled through.
“… I, I have returned…”

I, who has returned to the mansion was dead tired… that expression suited me perfectly.

After that, the tea party consisted of Lily-sama and Okaasama talking about recent happenings and gossips in the high society, making the time pass in the blink of an eye until we separated.

When we were leaving, Lily-sama called out “Please, come to play again, okay? I will be waiting~” to me, however, I would like to reserve myself for a while… yes. I’m variously tired… mainly mentally.

“Again with such spiritless reply… ladies can’t lose focus at any point in time.”
“Y, yes…”
“I have said that in that place, but this is about your future, so think about it seriously, alright?”

After being warned by Okaasama, I returned to my room completely exhausted.

“Thank you for your hard work. Cristea-sama. Shall I brew you a tea?”
“No, I’m good… I have been drinking tea all the while Okaasama and others were talking, so my stomach is full… Miria, you are tired too, right? You can go rest.”

I think I can hear splashing sounds in my stomach… I shouldn’t accept Helena’s encouragements for refills just because I didn’t know what to do with the time I had…

When I exhaustedly leaned on the sofa, Kaguya jumped up on my belly. Uge!? Getting on that place is currently dangerous, so please stop it…!

“You have finally returned. While you were in the royal palace, those guys were more than depressing to watch!”
“Those guys…?”
“Cristeaa~! Welcome back!”
“Lord! You have returned safely!”

Bang! The door vigorously opened and Mashiro crashed into me. Ugu…! I’m telling you, putting pressure there right now is too painful…!
Flinging Kaguya on the sofa across me, Kurogane sat next to me and confirmed my safety.

“What are you saying… of course I’m all right? It was just a tea party after all.”
“However, aren’t you looking disheartened, Lord? Were you perhaps treated badly? … If I were by your side, I would kick those fellows around…!”

Grr… Kurogane’s fangs creaked.

No, no, the reason I look so dishearted is because my stomach is so full it’s painful…
I was double attacked by Kaguya and Mashiro… I can’t say that.
I pat Mashiro’s head who did his best at house-sitting with a wry smile.

“I’m fine. The talk about the engagement appeared just as I thought, but I somehow managed to evade it…”

Although it feels like it was only postponed though.

“… That so? That’s good then, but… absolutely call for us were something to happen, alright?”
“Thank you, Kurogane. But, I will be fine.”

For now, for the time being.

I’m glad Lily-sama wasn’t a diehard… that was the biggest harvest of this tea party. She also moved regarding the Repulsive food eating lady rumors too for some reason… what a good person…

Rather, for the enemy to be my family…
I’m happy that Lily-sama skillfully put a stopper on Okaasama, but… I wonder if I ought to send Lily-sama bribes (sweets) periodically? However, if she got even more pleased with me because of that…

Mnuu… Mashiro, Kurogane, and Kaguya were watching over Cristea as she was seemingly thinking about something bad again…

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