Chapter 251

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People’s rumors.
“Now, now, everyone. Your tea has gotten cold completely. Let’s brew a fresh one.”

Helena brewed fresh tea in order to try to change the topic. Haa… my throat got dry from the tension.

“That reminds me… I heard that Raymond did something outrageous when you two met. Even though that I was thinking that I must apologize as his mother, I have completely forgotten about it. I’m truly sorry about my son.”

Outrageous? What was it again…?

Ahh… that? About the Repulsive food eating lady?
It indeed made me think, What are you saying at our first meeting!? but those are rumors he heard from people, not something he started himself and he ate lots after that… see?
You are one to speak! I was quite taken aback at how much he ate…

Besides, well… you know, that. I did take revenge on him too?
I received Umeboshi as a souvenir from his inspections. He’s fundamentally not a bad person. I did think that he’s a careless person…

To tell the truth, there’s no need to blame this on Prince Ray. The people he heard the rumors from are malicious… is what I think.

Anyhow, there are currently many things I want to do, there’s no need to think about the future of the engagement or marriage just yet.

“No. His Highness Raymond only kindly told me about the existence of the rumors.”
“While that may be true, it’s not something to tell a lady. The person himself is reflecting upon it, so please, do forgive him, okay?”
“There’s nothing to forgive… I don’t mind it after all…”
“It seems that your Otousama is searching for and punishing those who are spreading the rumors, so I believe all will be right.”

Ufufu, Lily-sama said while laughing.

O… Otousama did??
Just what are you doing… Otousama… I’m thankful for your thoughtfulness, but won’t I receive hate afterward!?

Haha… Lily-sama continued talking to me who could only let out a dry laugh.

“Right, right. When Raymond brought Cristea-chan’s present in the summer, he arrived in a timely manner while I was holding a tea party with some people who might have been spreading the rumors. It was wasteful, but I ate it in front of them, told them how delicious it is, and offered them to give it a try~”


“They were hesitant to eat the sweets made by the rumored Repulsive food eating lady, but… it’s not like they could not eat it with me before them, so the moment they reluctantly put it in their mouths, an expression of surprise floated on their faces, and they silently chewed in a daze. It was so funny watching them behave like that! They wanted to eat more, but I naturally didn’t give them any!”

Lily-sama laughed pleasantly.


“And then, when I asked what were they talking about some time ago, everyone sunk into silence. It was wasteful losing on the precious sweets, but it was refreshing!”
“Lily, you did well.”
“Ufufu, don’t mention it!”

Ehhh? Lily-sama?
What were you doing!? Besides, that definitely wasn’t a coincidence presenting itself, you aimed for it, didn’t you!? Okaasama too, you shouldn’t be praising her! Since you are supposed to be Lily-sama’s subject, you should remonstrate that there’s no need for her to move on her own, right!

Gossip lasts just 75 days, so I beg you, could everyone leave me alone!?

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