Chapter 179

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Ahh, I am troubled…
“… Hou? Orc General and Orc King?”
“Yes, that’s right… during Kurogane’s orc hunting…”

In the end, as I was troubled over how to handle the matter, I went to Otousama’s office to consult with him.

When I asked Shin to dismantle them in secret, “Putting normal Orcs aside, it’s impossible for an amateur like me to dismantle such high-class materials!” is how he rejected me.
I was told that unlike the meat on the bones, the skin and tusks are expensive materials which take considerable skill to dismantle.

I don’t need the other materials, I’m fine with just the meat… when I said so, as if I could waste it like that! he got angry at me. Well, of course he would get angry at me… dejected.

“As expected of Kurogane-sama… however, with a game of such level brought down, we are obliged to report to the Adventurer’s Guild.”

… Ugh, as I thought. The top of the swarm suddenly vanished after all… rather, the entire swarm was hunted down, wasn’t it…

If a swarm of Orcs suddenly disappeared, the Adventurer’s Guild will surely investigate. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that Kurogane wasn’t seen during the hunting. Depending on the situation, Kurogane might become the target of a subjugation unit himself… if that turns out to be the case, with Kurogane’s strength that could bring down the entire Orc swarm, the Knights Order and the Magic Forces might be sent after him in the worst-case scenario… awawa.

“B, but, if we report, Kurogane’s existence will get exposed, wouldn’t it…?”
“Well, it would be like that.”

Haa, Otousama let out a sigh.
Ehh… will Kurogane’s existence really get exposed to the country this early??

“Lord, did something bad happen?”

Yes, something extremely bad happened, Kurogane-san…

“Because you have defeated Orc General and Orc King, it has to be reported to the Adventurer’s Guild…”
“? Isn’t it just fine to report?”

Kurogane said in bewilderement. Kurogane with a puzzled face is unexpectedly cute! … Not the right time for that.

“When we report about this matter, we will have to report the details of the subjugation, thus the country… the royal family will get to know that I have made a contract with you…”
“Isn’t it fine to let them know? I would like to let everyone know that I have formed a contract with Lord though.”
“Me too! I want to boast to everyone!”

Er, well… aren’t you saying something nice. But you see…

“The royal family takes measures to make sure that people who have contracted the Sacred Beast wouldn’t leave the country.”
“Fumu?” “Hm…?”
“Because of my standing of a Duke’s daughter, I would be a good, balanced option for the royal family.”
“Fumu” “Yeah.”
“The quickest method would be to marry me to someone within the royal family.”
“What!?” “Ehh!?”
“Age-wise, social status wise… let’s see, Prince Raymond doesn’t have a fiancée at the moment, therefore, I might end up as Prince Raymond’s bride.”
“””I won’t allow that!”””

… N? I feel like there were one too many voices?

“Raymond, he’s the one who was staying here in the summer, right?”
“That’s right?”
“No way-! I’m against Cristea becoming that fellow’s bride!”
“Even if you tell me that…”
“I’m against it. As if I let you be bound by the royal family. To let you live in that place of evil spirits of rivers and mountains…”

… So it was Otousama. Rather, isn’t that statement too disrespectful…?

“However, the probability of that happening is very high if we make the report, isn’t it?”
“Gu…… Have you heard about that from Norman?”
“Yes. I was told to be careful.”

Although I unexpectedly fell into that very predicament…

“Haa… I wonder what should I do? Do I become a runaway adventurer after all…”
“I won’t allow that.”

Tch, no good, huh…

However, what do we do about the real problem at hand…

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