Chapter 396

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Lost to pressure.
The freshly finished sausage debuted that very day at the dining table.

“Hou, so this is that thing…”

I consulted with Otousama and received his permission to make it, so he was aware of the ingredients.
The reason why he didn’t say that it was dish using internal organs was most likely due to his consideration for Okaasama who wasn’t aware of the ingredients used.

“Yes, it’s called sausage. First of all, just cut a bite-size and try it as it is. After that, you can try it with ketchup or mustard, whichever is to your tastes.”

“Umu. Without anything on it first it is then…”

Otousama took a fork, stabbed it into the sausage and carried it into his mouth.


The juices must have overflowed in his mouth the moment he bit into it. Even though he opened his eyes wide in surprise, his mouth didn’t stop chewing. He closed his eyes, seemingly regretful of swallowing, but he finally did and fuu… breathed out.

“How surprising… the meat’s fats and taste that seemed to have been condensed suddenly expanded… it was as if the flavor was dancing in my mouth.”

Nn? It’s very hard to understand his poetic impressions, but he did seem to like it… I think?
Seeing Otousama act like that, Okaasama timidly tasted the sausage too.


Okaasama showed a shocked expression, covered her mouth with her fingers, closed her eyes and slowly savored the taste.

“… How incredible. The amazing flavor started dancing in my mouth the moment I bit into it… what a blissful dance this is.”

… Okaasama, your impressions are too onboard with Otousama’s. This also means she found it tasty… right?

“Next is ketchup and… this is, mu…?”
“It’s mustard. It’s a bit tangy, so don’t use too much.”

Otousama and Okaasama were well familiar with ketchup already, but they were very curious about the mustard they got in contact with for the first time.

“… This much, I guess?”

Hearing it’s tangy, they vigilantly put mustard on their sausage and sunk their teeth into it.

“Umu, this one is to my liking. I think I could handle more.”

Otousama smiled widely as he started working on the second sausage.
Okaasama also tasted her sausage with a little bit of mustard and continued eating while adding more mustard.
Yep, yep. I am glad it’s well-received.

“Otousama, about this recipe…”
“It would be better not to spread it around.”

Yeah, well I did expect this.

“Oh my, why is that? Even though it’s this delicious…”

What Otousama knew and Okaasama didn’t were the ingredients used.
Certainly, fresh offal are quite difficult to obtain.

“Oh my… is it difficult to get even with the resources of the Ellisfeed family? They must be precious ingredients then.”
“Yeah, no, u, umm… I will make sure it gets made when we get our hands on the ingredients.”
“My! I am happy to hear that! I will be looking forward to it, okay?”

The contrast between the mental states of the delighted Okaasama and the complicated feelings Otousama was huge.
She’s not the type to mind these things, so it would be better to tell her before it’s too late… although I say that, we are talking about Orc’s internal organs here.
I guess Otousama feels that he can’t help but be careful with his words.

“Say, Cristea. If it’s so difficult to obtain, how did you manage to get it? Moreover, I believe that this is Orc meat, did you perhaps use precious ingredients other than this?”

Hieeh, even though Otousama just deceived her a moment ago, why do you have to pursue this, Okaasama!?

“No, well, it was just by a coincidence this time…”

I replied vaguely in order to not bring Otousama’s consideration to naught.

“… Last evening, you have used Orc liver to make Tatsutaage, but tell me that you have not used another magic potion material again, have you?”
“Eh? U, umm, thatsnottrueatall, youknow~?”

Uooh, how sharp. They are not ingredients that are used for magic potions, but I was shaken by how close she was to the truth.

“… Cristea?”
“Y, yesh!”
“Please be honest and tell me what ingredients you have used.”
“O, oi, An…”
“Dear, you are aware, right? Is it so difficult to say it?”
“N, no, that’s not the case…”

Hiee! Otousama’s consideration had the opposite effect!? Look! Isn’t Okaasama’s stare directed towards me now!


… Yep, I can’t deny it any longer.

“… They are Orc’s internal organs.”
“Oh my! You have used something like that again! If they are not used for magic potions, just what organs did you use this time!?”

Ah, she still thinks it was a precious material.

“Err… the intestines.”
“They are normally thrown away, but I cleaned them thoroughly so I could pack the meat in them.”
“Wha…! In, intestines!?”

Okaasama thought she ate something that can still be considered common, so she was now trembling all over.

“Look here, you made something like this just when you have finally gotten rid of the Repulsive food eating lady title, just what are you doing?”

Uhiya~! I got scolded harshly by Okaasama after a long while!
So scaryy… but, if I retreat here, she will prohibit me from making it ever again! I want to avoid that!

“… But, it was tasty, right?”
“Okaasama, weren’t you eating it with delight?”
“Eh… yes, that’s correct. However, this and that is different.”
“It’s not. I just wanted to make something delicious for you and Otousama. This time included, have I ever made something that you haven’t found tasty or couldn’t bring yourself to eat?”
“T, that’s…”

I pressed for the answer while Okaasama was discomposed.

“Okaasama, you ate it so deliciously, but are you sure you are fine by not eating it from here on out ever again?”
“Not eating it ever again… t, that’s.”
“Are you fine with that!?”
“… That’s, I might mind a bit…”
“I won’t release the recipe to the public. It’s only for our family. You won’t mind it then, will you?”
“… Indeed, in that case…”
“I understand. Otousama, you are fine with that too?”

I started at the two while grinning from ear to ear.

“U, umu…”

Yay. I won…!

“I’m glad it isn’t over with this. This sausage would be very good with ale, you can also place it between buns, there are many ways to enjoy it.”

When I said that in relief, the two promptly reacted.

“Good with ale… you said?”
“Placed between buns… that sounds nice.”


“Cristea, when are you making it next?”
“Personally, I would like to try it as soon as possible. How do you get intestines? I wonder if we should arrange a trade with the Adventurer’s Guild…”



Otousama and Okaasama were smiling at me, but the pressure wasn’t half-assed.

“Err, yes, I will definitely do it as soon as possible…”

It seems that sausage will be soon added to our family’s secret menu.

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