Chapter 395

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The conclusion!
The sausage has been finally completed.
It’s somewhat thicker than a Viena sausage of my past life, but it’s not a Bologna sausage. It’s about the size of a Frankfurter?
Actually, I used Orc intestines, so Frankfurt sounds good, yes.
By the way, the Vienna sausage is apparently made with sheep intestines while the Bologna sausage is made with cow intestines, but this is the first time a sausage was made in this world, so I think it would be better to lump them all together.
… It would be troublesome otherwise.
I boiled the sausage after letting it dry for a while, but the point is to not boil it at high temperature.
You have to make sure that the fat doesn’t get dissolved!
I took out the sausage out after it stretched. It can be eaten as it is, or it can be grilled if you prefer a crisp texture.

“… Alright, it’s almost done. Let’s grill it before eating.”
“… Hey, is this thing really tasty? You didn’t really have to make something out of internal organs and settle on a hamburger instead.”

Shin is saying that, but fufu, I will have him talk after he tries it.

“Now, now. You have the privilege of the maker, try it!”

I put a smaller sausage on the frying pan and watched as it tans. Freshly boiled sausages tend to stick to the pan, so I have to be careful.

“Now, it’s done. Let’s eat while it’s hot!”

I called for Mashiro and Kurogane and the two immediately teleported over.

(Oi! It looks like you have made something delicious! Why have you not called for me!?)

Kaguya, who apparently saw Kurogane reading to teleport clung to his legs gloomily.

“Huh? Isn’t this your pet cat? Why does she look so angry?”

Shin can’t hear her telepathy, so he couldn’t hear how angry she was.

(They have the special right of tasting the food as the makers. Mashiro and Kurogane helped with dismantling and hunting. I wouldn’t mind letting you sample if you helped with something too.)

If a man will not work, he shall not eat. Well, I know that it would be impossible for Kaguya to help in her black cat form, but I will let her eat it at dinner, so she has to endure until then.

(I was also helping! I kept the cooks away while you guys were making it!)

How unexpected. Kaguya was apparently also helping.

(… Kaguya, are you talking about that time you buttered up the cooks so they would give you snacks?)
(To get caught in Kaguya’s honey trap, the cooks need more training.)

… What, so it’s like that… huh, Mashiro? Where did you learn words like “honey trap” from?

(S, shuddup! They didn’t bother you as a result, so isn’t it just fine!?)
“It’s fine, but… well, let’s eat while it’s hot. Ah, you have to let it cool down first, Kaguya.”

I gave a piece of sausage to Kaguya and thrust a fork through it to let the steam out.

“Try having a piece while not looking at it. Also, you can use this if you’d like.”


I took out ketchup I made from the summer harvest of tomatoes and the mustard I made and distributed them on a small plate.

Grain mustard is surprisingly easy to make. Yellow and brown mustard, vinegar (white vinegar is better), salt, and sugar. All you have to do is to grind the mustard, add salt, sugar, and vinegar until it’s mixed thoroughly.
Now then, the preparations are done.


Juices spread around my mouth immediately after the snapping texture of the casing was broken.
Whoah, the hell is this!? Isn’t this a jewel box of fat!?
The good flavor of Orc meat spread around my mouth. Wow! So tasty!
It was worth grinding the meat with a kitchen knife for this very mouthfeel…!
Next, I tried it with ketchup and mustard…
Nn, this is it! Ahh, a hotdog made out of this will be supreme, no!?
I made pickles during summer too. Since I will be making hotdogs, I will have to call Mariel-chan over too!
Mufu~! While I was in great delight, Shin, Mashiro, Kurogane, and Kaguya were eating in a daze.

“Wha… this, is incredible. The juices pour out the moment you bite… so good. With ketchup and this grainy thing…”
“It’s grainy mustard.”
“… The ketchup and the grainy mustard give a nice accent to the saltiness. This deliciousness is different from a grilled hamburger.”

Certainly, hamburger and steak immediately dry out if grilled wrong. On the other hand, sausage is full of juices and fat, so the yummy juiciness transmits immediately on your taste buds.

“Ahh… it’s gone.”

Shin was looking at his fork despondently. Looks like he liked it quite a lot.

“Umu, this is nice. The flavors of meat and fat got condensed.”
“Yeah, it was yummy. I’d like to eat it again.”

I’m glad, it seems that Kurogane and Mashiro liked it too!
As for Kaguya…?

“… ot.”
(I said it’s hot! The hell is this!? Something hot exploded in my mouth!?)

… You ate it without waiting for it to cool down, didn’t you? When I produced cool water in a plate with magic in silence, Kaguya started drinking vigorously.

“… Somehow, this fellow looks mighty mad, no?”
“It seems that she ate without waiting for it to cool down.”
“Ah~… cats are poor with hot food, aren’t they?”

Shin was understanding, but Kaguya who heard that shouted: (Shuddup! Don’t call a proud magic beast like me a cat! I just thought it has cooled down enough!)
I told you to wait because I thought something like this would happen… geez.

“… She seems to be in a bad mood. Say, Ojou. Do you still have Orcs?”
“I do, but… what’s up?”
“No, I would like to review the process and make it once more, so won’t you take one out?”

Looks like he liked it quite a lot. Well, you currently can’t get the intestines unless you dismantle it yourself.
When I agreed, we moved to the dismantling place where I took an Orc out of my Inventory.

“Do I deal with the liver just like before?”
“Yes. Do that, please.”
“Roger that. Aight, let’s do it!”
“I will help you.”
“Me too.”

Nn? Did it suit Kurogane and Mashiro’s tastes too?
Everyone is full of motivation…
In order to avoid the splatter scene, I hurriedly left the dismantling place behind.

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