Chapter 394

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Getting started on the main dish!
“Ah? Isn’t it only given that Orc liver would be used for making magic potions?”

The next day, when I caught Shin in the kitchen and asked him if he knew about the use of livers, he showed me a face that couldn’t understand what I was asking about. Incomprehensible.
Isn’t that the common sense for adventurers then?
There’s no way I would know that…

“I mean, I was told that the people of the slums collect the internal organs that got disposed of…”
“Well, they were discarded after taking out the usable materials, no? The heart and liver are usable as magic potion materials, so there’s no way people would just throw them away. They sell quite high at the Adventurer’s Guild, ya know?”
“Eh, is that so?”
“Yeah. Well, unlike the ones done by the dismantling craftsmen, the things I dismantle would be sold for cheap, though. You had no use for the other things yesterday and its freshness would decrease before I could carry it to the Adventurer’s Guild, so I thought disposing of them is the only thing I can do. You didn’t tell me what other parts you want to use, so I threw the rest away.”

Ah, I see. I didn’t explain in detail because I thought it would be better to choose directly and explain then.

“Besides, Kurogane-sama said he will eat it later if you don’t want it.”
“Eh? Kurogane did?”
“Yeah, he said it was nourishing or something.”

Ehh~… I’ve ended up imagining a horror where Kurogane eats a raw liver.

“But, I did not think you would use a liver that’s used as material for a dish.”

So that’s why Shin told me that even people of the slums can’t eat this stuff.
I was sure it was about the cooking method…

“I had no idea Orc liver can be used as a material.”
“Ah~… I see. Even if you are a noble lady that uses magic potions, you wouldn’t know what they are made of.”

Nono. I will take magic pharmacy lessons when I enroll in the academy, so it was just me not knowing, okay?

“Well, you do use herbs for cooking too, so it’s nothing new, huh.”

… Mr. Shin yo, could you stop talking while sighing?
It’s as if you were saying that I’m irrational.
I’m just putting my previous life’s knowledge to use, okay?
I just used ingredients from my past life that happened to have medical uses as well. It was inevitable, yes.
“Cristea-san, your past life’s common sense is irrational in this world… you know?” I feel like I heard Mariel-chan who is not here interjecting, but let’s not mind it. In order to eat delicious meals, I must not care, I won’t care!

“O, oh well. Let’s get started with the main recipe!”

Today, I will finally complete the sausages!


I have confirmed that there are no problems after consulting with Otousama.
I have Shin prepare the necessary ingredients and let’s begin!
First, the casing I was salting… soak the intestines in water to remove the salt.
Next up, the stuffing. I mince the Orc meat. I add in grated onions, sugar, salt, black pepper, sage, nutmeg, and some herbs and spices. There are people who add the black pepper and herbs later, but I tend to mix them all together.
It’s necessary to be careful while mixing.
I created icy water with ice magic in another bowl, piled up the ingredients in the other bowl and knead the meat while keeping my palms cold with the cold air.
People who can’t use ice magic like me will have a more difficult time because they have to place their hands into the ice water and knead little by little while cooling their hands.

“… Good. This looks fine, I think?”

If it meat sticks after three to four minutes of mixing, it’s OK.
I put the stuffing into the squeeze bag I had Galvano Ojisama make me for the time of need and placed the intestine over the tip of the bag’s mouthpiece. Then, I squeeze the bag with the stuffing. I divided the stuffing into a few parts, so we will have to repeat this process several times. I squeeze the meat out and stop after a little bit. I squeezed only a little bit into the intestine and tied up the tip…

“Alriiight, now’s the time for the crucial part! Shin, help me out!”
“… I have no idea what you want me to do.”

Shin, who was taking notes while helping me with the stuffed meat in the bowl, had a doubtful expression as he watched me set the intestine around the mouthpiece and handing him the squeeze bag.

“Ermm, I want you to squeeze this bag with a uniform strength… I want you to squeeze out the meat. Ah, stop when I give you a signal, okay?”
“I didn’t mean it like that… haah, well, sure. Do this with a uniform strength?”
“Yep. It will tear if you squeeze it all at once, so be careful from the beginning.”

After handing Shin the squeeze bag, I stood on standby with my hands on the intestine and mouthpiece.

“Err… like this? Oh?”

With a push, the stuffing squeezed out of the bag into the intestine.

“Right, right, continue squeezing like that… There, stop!”

I waited for Shin until the rest of the intestine was about five centimeters long, removed it from the mouthpiece and tied the end. I then twisted and spun parts of the stuffed intestine in alternatively. We want this to dry for about a quarter of an hour.

“We can smoke this too, but let’s simply boil it before grilling this time.”
“Heeh… this is amusing.”

That’s right, making sausages is quite the fun~!
Uha~! My past life’s Sausage-chan!
I’m looking forward to eating you!

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